Tiger of Partali

Amara build by KingVious updated 3 weeks ago
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Snippet of gameplay. Had just finished Slaughter Shaft and recorded the first round of another one.


*Quick heads up. M4 viable melee builds are pretty gear dependent and this one is no different.

  1. Buttplug - This is my most used "weapon". Obviously we use it for the increased melee damage. If Gearbox ever buffs the Psycho Stabber to justify its existence, it'd go here. When things get hectic, it's time to switch to the …

  2. Face-puncher (Deep-dive and Redundant) - Yep, you knew it had to be a part of the build. And yep, we need them to be 300% Phaseslam anointed. Deep-dive for groups of badasses, Redundant for bossing.

  3. S3RV-8OS-EXECUTE - For bosses like the Traunts. Empty the mag and chuck a couple of these. Break shield, Phaseslam and smile as big chunks of hp disappear with each shot.

The rest of my weapons consist of Phaseslam anointed stuff that I never use.


  1. Brawler Ward - Self explanatory why this is currently BiS for melee builds. I personally use a 200% Phaseslam anointed one but was advised that 50% ASE actually equals more DPS. I haven't tested this myself but when I get my hands on one and it turns out to be true, I'll update this slot.

  2. Shooting Star (fire, shock/rad, corr/cryo) - A real tragedy. If this shield wasn't so bugged, it'd be full-time. Alas, I have regulated it to melting Graveward and Wotan/Valkyries. So not much of a tragedy after all I guess.

Class Mod

I'm currently rocking a Golden Rule class mod with action skill cooldown. I think it has +2 to Helping Hands/Mindfulness and +1 to Laid Bare but that's not really important. It has worked out well for me so far.

Other class mods that are good are Breakers with +1 in Find Your Center, Nimbus with +5 Tempest and even the Phasezerker. My personal recommendation is either the Golden Rule or Breaker. Good rolls are melee damage, weapon/Hyperion + fire rate/damage/reload and shotgun damage.


Doesn't matter as long as it has 50% cryo on ASE. I personally use a Transfusion Generator (or whatever it's called).


  1. [Elemental Stone] Static Charge - IMO this is what holds this build together. It provides a nice balance of survivability and DPS. My personal favorite is the Cryo Stone. I just love breaking mobs to pieces! The Static Charge tendrils turn the Face-puncher into a pseudo Brainstormer AND they proc Sustainment which is just gorgeous!

  2. Cutpurse/Knife Drain + Static Charge/Commander Planetoid - For utility. Maybe you run out of ammo or need more survivability and are willing to sacrifice DPS.


My only advice is to keep moving. It's not advisable to stand in the middle of mobs, especially groups of badasses. While you can facetank a good deal, this isn't that Stop Gap cheese :p

Phaseslam often and if you want to optimize this build, get a level 1 anointed Brawler Ward. It's not necessary as I don't have one but I like to min-max to the best of my ability.

Hope you guys like the build and with that I'm off to play some more Borderlands!

*Note. Below is a more "traditional" skill tree layout than the one in the designated area. I don't equip an AS augment when using this spec.

Fist of the Elements

  • Anima - 5/5
  • Steady Hand(s) - 3/3
  • Infusion - 5/5
  • Tempest - 5/5
  • Illuminated Fist - 1/1
  • Catharsis - 1/5
  • Sustainment - 2/5


  • Root to Rise - 5/5
  • Samsara - 3/3
  • Helping Hands - 4/5 (Has diminishing returns. Can put some points elsewhere if preferred. Should invest at least 2)
  • Mindfulness - 3/3
  • Find Your Center - 1/1
  • One With Nature - 4/5 (Can put these 4 into Clarity if preferred)
  • Do Unto Others - 1/1
  • Jab Cross - 3/5
  • Guardian Angel - 1/1
  • Blitz - 1/1 (If you don't like Blitz, put point elsewhere)


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