Moze build by buggo updated 6 months ago
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A mech build which has a few mechanics that a certain few mechanics that influencers have been missing. Now, the underground kids gotta clean it up.

Iron Bear Mechanics

A few things to start off, your gun damage does have a factor in the amount of Iron Bear damage that you do, but it is related to the Shield of Retribution tree. Specifically, until the level cap increases, we'll only be able to hit Armored Infantry and Drowning in Brass. They have some quirky interactions with the gun damage scaling of Iron Bear that isn't exactly important; what is important is that you're getting a bit of extra damage for using them.

Matched Set is extremely important to this build, and I recommend you use the CoV manufacturer for certain weapons that fit into this build. In addendum, you will be constantly swapping items and gear in this build in order to assess every situation.

Due to the way that Vanquisher Rocket Pods and V-35 Grenade Launcher count as pure splash/grenade damage, they do not gain benefit from the Gun Damage factor, and instead are boosted by respective bonuses. In the same blight, the Minigun is counted as bullet damage-- and is given the Gun Damage factor. I'll do more testing to determine the Railgun and Salamander.

Cloud of Lead and Experimental Munitions works for every weapon in Iron Bear's arsenal. Vampyr heals Iron Bear for a portion of its health when using Vanquisher Rockets or the V-35 GL, due to them sharing the same properties as Grenade / Splash damage. Drowning in Brass is so jank that I don't honestly understand how it works-- but it does. Don't ask. Having a full shield while in Iron Bear will give you Armored Infantry's bonuses.

Interchanging Skills and Gear

• Specialist Bear should accordingly be specced into when using both weapons of the same type, otherwise it you may put it into another skill.

• While ammo regeneration skills actually do apply inside of Iron Bear, we won't be using them as we need to use every skill point appropriately.

• Equip the right skills for the right situation, match elements when you can, and push forward when you can't!

The Equipment

There's a lot of gear that is micromanaged and interchanged in order to make this work, so do yourself a favor and get to farming, chump.

• Back Ham (or Stop Gap, shields and health aniont) - The main shield, the one that you might wear your mousepad out on, if you play with not-so-spacious environments . . use the Stop Gap. See the "shoot the shit" strategy for more info on how to benefit even further.

• Mendel's Multivitamin (shields and health anoint) - Actually gives your Iron Bear just a touch more max health, also synergizes well with Vampyr. Give it a shot!

• Zheitsev's Eruption (airborne firerate anoint) - Shoot it up, break it-- it fires damage vulnerability bolts when you repair it, you can use this to your advantage! Hold down the fire button and throw a grenade while doing the repair animation and you'll fire another volley.

• Other CoV Weapons (cooldown iron bear anoint) - Nothing specific here, I recommend Hangin' Chadd and Lineage as they're fun. Maybe, a Chucka or Shredda too.

• Scourge (splash damage exiting iron bear anoint) - Your weapon for proccing Grizzled, you have a good amount of time to fire and forget.

• Bear Trooper (+2 deadlines, +3 stainless) - Great for endurance as it halves all fuel usage and does it again-- great for miniguns and high consumption weapons. Any bonuses will do.

• Raging Bear (+2 deadlines, +3 stainless) - Your mainstay in mech damage, get kills to get more kills, might want to use something less consuming because of the way that the fuel drain having to stack first. Any bonuses will do.

• It's Piss (spawn grenade on damage anoint) - Good if you want that extra damage as you'll constantly be splashing enemies with it, and you'll be getting healing at the same time.

• MIRV's, Dividers, etc (spawn grenade on damage anoint / weapon, skill damage anoint) - The main reason why we pick up Vampyr, this gives so much survival to you and Iron Bear as both of them benefit! Great grenades, too.

• Deathless (last stand, aoe damage + shield recharge delay) - See "Outside of Iron Bear" for more details on a totally legitimate strategy that won't get patched at all, I promise!

• Electric Banjo - Great with miniguns, allows you to spread your damage even further out! Every little bit helps!

• Otto Idol (last stand, grenade damage) - Do I really have to explain? Get healing for your frail ass when you're out of the mech!

Outside of Iron Bear

What happens if you find yourself outside of Iron Bear? It's a little strategy called "shoot the shit and flip". Take your Scourge from exiting Iron Bear, it should have a big ol' anointed buff for Splash Damage. Equip your Back Ham and fire a few rockets, turn around and make yourself as small a target as possible. The resistance from the Back Ham should be enough for you to not get entirely fucked. Chuck a few grenades if desired-- you'll get kills to proc Grizzled and from there, take it slow.

You should have enough survival and regular damage to at least make due for a bit as Iron Bear recharges, and if you don't . . . start running!

Alternatively, if you're good with menus and you just really don't care that much, a Deathless with the Last Stand prefix can be unequipped and requipped every 5 seconds to give you permanent invulnerability. Don't tell nobody I gave you that funny little quirk!


That's about all I got, I hope this build is engaging enough? I dunno, I'm just the messenger. I might update this in the future, though, so take hold for that. Hope for level cap increases, please!


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