[LVL 53] Gunboy FL4K - MH4 Fade Away Crit Build

Fl4k build by Ratore updated 1 year ago
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  • Made by Ratore/Dakquan

Build video: https://youtu.be/WhuoU9E2LUs

Main Setup

More variants at the end. There's a lot that can be played with in regards to skill point alocation. Feel free to contact Ratore#7027 on Discord about it!

  • Pet: Mostly preference;
  • You can use any augment combination. If bossing, Unblinking Eye is recommended. Not My Circus is very powerful when looped. Until You Are Dead is great in general.
  • The Normal, non-guerrillas Fade Away is recommended for most situations. It gives you better control, survivability and anointment uptime. You can experiment to your liking, of course;

Skill flexibility (Main Setup):

  • Two F4ng: Mostly useful for single/few/unlisted pellet weapons. If you want it, use points from the listed options below;
  • Leave No Trace/Headcount points can be experimented with depending on your weapon loadout and proc rate;
  • Grim Harvest and Hunter's Eye points can be used elsewhere;
  • Hidden Machine is a bit inconsistent. Feel free to experiment with the points;
  • The points in Self-Repairing System and BFFs can be used elsewhere, like Eager to Impress.

Playstyle tips

  • Make sure to aim down sights with shotguns unless at point blank range, this reduces the spread a lot even on the very inaccurate ones;
  • Try to loop anointments into your next Fade by using high pellet count/hit rate weapons for cooldown fishing. The same applies to skill augments;
  • You can pick what weapon you'll trigger anoints for on the last shot/seconds;
  • Hunter-Seeker grenade: Helps LNT + Headcount fishing, and also stacks Furious Attack. Very helpful for Rocket Launchers and slower weapons in general;
  • Always aim for crits, but also know Fade Away bodyshots can proc Megavore.


  • Stagecoach (up to x25): Mobbing. High damage Fade looper. Good bossing too;
  • Brainstormer: Being a Megavore build, this gets used extremely well. Very high AoE clear, insane LNT + Headcount proc efficiency;
  • Torgue Bangstick shotguns (up to x18): Bossing, mobbing, enemy deleting;
  • Ion cannon, Torgue Hedgehog/Quickie Rocket Launchers: Extremely powerful bossing, enemy deleting and potential area damage;
  • Other good main choices: Wedding Invitation, Craps, Recursion, Flakker, Lump, Scourge, Nukem, Call Weapons, Maggie, Alchemist, Redistributor, Dictator, Cutsman, Lyuda, Bekah, Tidal Wave, Headsplosion.

Weapon Anointments

  • 125% Splash for Splash weapons, 100% ASE/Next 2 Mags for the rest.


  • One Shotter, Stop-Gap, Transformer, Rico, All-in, Re-Charger, Double Downer. 0m/Rerouter can replace One Shotter for non-multipellet weapons;
  • Anointment: 50% Elemental Damage on ASE.


  • Mitosis/Cloning Hunter Seeker, Recurring/Mirvtacular Hex, It's Piss;
  • Anointment: 50% Elemental Damage on ASE.

Class mods:

  • Bounty Hunter, +3 Dangerous Game +2 Hunter's Eye/Frenzy: Great mobbing, excellent bossing;
  • St4ckbot, +3 Pack Tactics +2 Furryous: Apart from its bugs/problems regarding resets, it works decently for shotgun/sticky spam + Fade looping;
  • Cosmic Stalker, +3 Big Game +2 Interp. Stalker: Current bugs prevent this from shining the way it should. It's still very good. Keep them if you find good ones.


  • Prefix: Last Stand, Snowdrift, Cutpurse, Ice Breaker;
  • Suffix: Otto Idol, Victory Rush, Splatter Gun.

Good Stat Rolls for COM + Artifact: Weapon Type Damage, Manufacturer Crit, Magazine Size, Weapon Damage, Weapon Crit, Area (Splash) Damage, Elemental Damage, Health Regen, Damage Reduction/Elemental Resistance, Shield Delay/Recharge.

Two F4ng Variant

R&R Variant


Thanks for this guides, they help me a lot

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