Heavy Hitter Jacobs Fl4k

Fl4k build by FoilCladShadows updated 2 weeks ago
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This Fl4k build is based around Jacobs weapons, mainly the Wedding Invitation, perpetually sustaining Fade Away, and dealing massive amounts of damage in single shots.



Wedding Invitation

This gun is the bread and butter of the build. Capable of dealing millions of points of damage from a single shot, this is great for both mobs and bosses. Look for ASE 100% weapon damage or ASE bonus 50% elemental annoints, as they yield the most damage for this build.


This is great for when you need to spam shots for getting Fade Away back, as well as just good general mobbing. Look for the same annoints as on the Wedding Invitation.

King's/Queen's Call

Grab these in whatever elements tickle your fancy. Same annoints as above, as this gun can wreak serious havoc on bosses/larger elements. This works great in Face Away as the guaranteed critical hits do so much damage.

Stagecoach (x25)

This gun is nuts. It can get Fade Away back in a single shot as the massive amounts of pellets lead to massive amounts of critical hits to proc the Head Count skill. The damage isn't too shabby either, capable of one-shotting mobs. ASE annoints are good here too.

Ion Cannon (x2)

This is really for getting second winds as the damage is just unreal. Make sure to get a x2 projectile count on the launcher as it doubles your damage at the cost of only one extra ammo. Splash damage annoints are always helpful.



This is an all around great shield. Super tanky, as well as helping to regen ammo with the 40% absorb chance. Look for ASE 50% Elemental damage, or ASE life steal for longer fights, like Wotan.

Stop Gap

If you find yourself going down too often, this will give you a bit more stability, though whichever shield suits your play style better is what you should go with. Look for the same annoints as above.


Hunter Seeker

Shoots bullets in flight, which can proc a good amount of Fl4k's skills to reduce action skill cooldown, and regen ammo. Look for ASE 50% annoints in all the elements here.

Class Mod

Bounty Hunter

The points don't matter too much here, but if you can get more points into The Most Dangerous Game, go for it. This mod helps immensely with bossing, but the real star here are the white text rolls. Sniper Rifle Damage and Jacobs Weapon Critical Damage are the most important to this build, and any other positive roll is good.


Snowdrift Otto Idol

Health regen on kills and super speed, what else do you really need? Whatever white text rolls float your boat here are fine. I have Shotgun Damage and Shield Recharge Delay.

Extra Gear


Shock and Corrosive for Wotan and Agonizer. Really the only thing you'll need them for.


Just a fun gun to mess around with. Great damage all around.


The Lyuda has finally met its match at killing Graveward. Massive damage, and with extra sniper damage as a roll on the Class Mod, this gun puts in work. Not advised for mobbing.


Good as a backup for getting your action skill back quickly, especially if you are still on the hunt for a x25 Stagecoach.


This build works well with a mostly aggressive play style, though it can also work more passively. Keeping your action skill ready to go is the name of the game, right after dealing crazy amounts of damage of course. The Wedding Invitation is your main gun, which you should use with Fade Away to gain a huge critical hit bonus. If you hit critical hits after Fade Away ends, you can keep the damage up with that gun, but if you aren't as accurate with your shots/Megavore isn't being generous, you should swap to the Maggie or the Stagecoach. It is important to note that the shots from the Wedding Invitation ricochet, so if you stand too close to your target, it can down you easily.

Using Fade Away gives you extra movement speed and health regeneration for the duration of the skill, and the three points in Persistence Hunter gives you an extra 45% duration, allowing for better health regen. With the Until You Are Dead augment you retain the movement speed and health regen so you gain more survivability. If a situation is really dicey, hop into Fade Away and wait in safety until your health and shields are back up to a comfortable level.

Change up your shield and grenade annoints combo for extra damage, aim for the head, and watch the enemies die.

Get out there and kill for the Hunt.

Special thanks to darkx160 (ajaxyoung) for helping and writing up the build.


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