FLEX AMARA - Mayhem 0-4 - 5 compatible class mods

Amara build by Stone_Swan updated 2 weeks ago
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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2EWDwOgWLE or just search for “Flex Amara”

"FLEX AMARA" because this build is highly flexible. And because she can seriously flex :) You can make a version of this build before you even reach the end game, or you can use a Recursion / Cutsman / Maggie / Brainstormer / etc. and do the True Maliwan Takedown on Mayhem 4.

The point: use any weapon (elemental or not) with the +250% Phasecast anointment, giving it a huge buff and allowing you to try whatever blue or purple gun that looks interesting to you. This anointment also makes top-tier guns ungodly. We want to keep up this anointment all the time, so we need Phasecast to have a 12s cooldown, which is how long the anointment lasts.

For all versions of this build:

Shield: one of two (see below), with +50% elemental damage on action skill end anointment

Grenade: any, with +50% elemental damage on action skill end anointment (different element than shield)

Artifact: any, with +Action Skill Cooldown Rate (ASCR) passive bonus

Class mod: one of five (see below), with ASCR passive bonus

And LAND YOUR PHASECASTS because Samsara is our main source of healing.

Build v. 1.1:

Band of Sitorak (BoS) Shield + Golden Rule

Golden Rule skills: any

Notes: BoS recharges very fast, allowing us to take advantage of Topped Off (+200% ASCR) guardian perk. It’s also helped by Mindfulness, Shield Reboot (perk), and Emergency Response (perk). All three improve recharge delay. Look for a “health” part on the BoS for fastest recharge times. When Topped Off isn’t working due to us taking damage, that’s when the Golden Rule special ability helps with cooldown.

Build v. 1.2:

BoS + Phasezerker

Phasezerker skills: +3-5 to Clarity recommended. Anima and Conflux don’t help us.

Notes: Phasezerker gives both healing (with Clarity) and cooldown bonus. Damage is icing on the cake. Same notes as above regarding BoS.

Build v. 1.3:

BoS + Driver

Driver skills: any

Notes: Use shock as action skill element, because the self-dot will only last 3 seconds, after which your BoS will recharge extremely fast due to Mindfulness stacks. The speed from Mindfulness will also help you avoid damage. Same notes as above regarding BoS.

Build v. 1.4:

BoS + Dragon

Dragon skills: +3-5 to Restless. The others don’t help us.

Notes: Restless helps with our passive cooldown when the BoS and Topped Off can’t do their work (you’re regularly taking damage). Same notes as above regarding BoS.

For build versions 2, below, disable Shield Reboot and Emergency Response, and spec out of Mindfulness and into One With Nature. We don’t want our shield recharging any faster.

Build v. 2.1:

Loop of 4N631 shield + Brawler

Brawler skills: +2-3 to Samsara required. Other skills are still helpful.

Notes: Brawler doubles effectiveness of Samsara, making you much more tanky. We need extra healing to use the Loop of 4N631. The Loop gives us extra cooldown (+100% ASCR) when depleted, so we need to take damage at regular intervals.

Build v. 2.2:

Loop + Phasezerker

Phasezerker skills: +4-5 to Clarity. Other skills don’t help us.

Notes: A boost to Clarity plus a boost to cooldown make this combo possible.

Build v. 2.3:

Loop + Driver + Elemental Projector

Driver skills: Clarity and Helping Hands. Mindfulness is no good.

Notes: Driver with Corrosive action skill element will give us a longer self-dot, which will help keep our shield depleted. This also allows us to use the Elemental Projector for a damage boost (as long as you use corrosive weapons or have corrosion on action skill end on shield or grenade).

Build v. 1 playstyle: avoid damage and keep your shield fully charged as much as possible. This will give you a very fast cooldown. LAND YOUR PHASECASTS because Samsara is our main source of healing. Enjoy weapons with a +250% damage buff.

Build v. 2 playstyle: take damage at regular intervals to keep the Loop depleted, for a fast cooldown. The class mods help with healing/tanking (Brawler is best at this). You should get up close to enemies, walk through elemental puddles, stand still and take some bullets, etc., to deplete your shield. Don’t take too much damage, of course, but don’t be too nimble, either. LAND YOUR PHASECASTS. Enjoy weapons with a +250% damage buff.

The Band of Sitorak is a dedicated (not world) drop from The Unstoppable in the Ambermire on Eden-6. The Loop of 4N631 is a quest reward from the side mission “Childhood’s End” in Konrad’s Hold on Pandora, given by Tannis.


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