Rakk Spam Lifesteal FL4K - Slaughter Shaft

Fl4k build by Suave Matthews updated 1 year ago
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FL4K has the lowest sustain of the vault hunters, and that is a huge problem in Slaughter Shaft. His best self sustain ability is buried deep in the blue tree, which in my opinion is rather useless in M3. Post nerfs, I'm not very impressed with his ability to clear mobs with fade away. They also nerfed Leave No Trace into the ground, so we won't be using that here. This being said, we are speccing heavily into gun damage via the green and red trees, with Rakk Attack being our main source of sustain.

Green Tree: We are mainly after the capstone The Power Inside which gives +25% gun damage after using our action skill, and +50% if we are at full health. With the long duration of this buff and the low Cooldown of Rakk Attack, this essentially means we have a constant gun damage bonus of at least 25%. This stacks well with The Fast and The Furious, which also gives +25% gun damage while above half health.

5/5 Self-Repairing System: Rakk Attack's life steal is based on max health, so the more health we have the better. It also gives +1.5% health/sec which stacks nicely with our pet's 1% Regen.

5/5 Furious Attack: Stacks give a potential of +20% gun damage just for shooting an enemy.

5/5 Overclocked: Overclocked is a bet underwhelming for requiring five skill points, however we don't have a lot of choices to get ourselves deeper into the tree. There is also Eager to Impress, but Rakk Attack already has a short Cooldown so I'd rather get a DPS boost. If you find you're dying because your ability isn't up enough, you might consider Eager to Impress in place of Overclocked.

3/3 Turn Tail and Run: More health Regen when moving to stack onto our current 2.5%, making it 3.4% passively if our pet is alive. Also an added +25% gun damage while still, which helps when you're down in FFYL to gain a second wind.

3/3 Fast and The Furryous: More gun damage baby. +25% above half health.

4/5 Rage and Recover: This will triple our passive health Regen after getting a kill, +6.4% for a total of 9.9% when moving.

1/1 The Power Inside: This is why we are here. +25% gun damage after using our action skill for 15 seconds, meaning we will constantly have it up. This doubles when we are at full health, which paired with our health Regen should be most of the time.

Red Tree: We are mostly here for The Most Dangerous Game, which is savage when paired with Big Game and a Bounty Hunter Class Mod. The added bonus from TWO F4NG also helps with our DPS output.

5/5 Interplanetary Stalker: This gives us multiple bonuses after stacks, but mainly a potential of +30% gun damage with full stacks.

2/5 Hunter's Eye: This gives decent bonuses against specific types of enemies, but its uses are a bit niche. For this reason we are only putting two points here to move further down the tree.

3/3 Head Count: We want our Rakk Attack to be up constantly for the health Regen and damage buffs with The Power Inside, so we are putting three points here.

5/5 TWO F4NG: One of FL4K's best skills, +25% chance to fire an extra projectile per shot. Good with any weapon to increase DPS.

3/3 The Most Dangerous Game: After killing a badass enemy, you get TWO MINUTES of bonus gun damage and critical hit damage. With a Bounty Hunter Class mod this is further increased, and with the amount of badasses in Slaughter Shaft you will always have this bonus. If you're playing in a group you need to make sure you get the finishing blow on a badass to proc this buff.

3/3 Big Game: This increases our Hunter Skills effectiveness by 30% and increases their duration by 100%. Massive.

1/1: Galactic Shadow: +15% critical hit damage. Nice.



Guns- FL4K can make just about any of the meta weapons work with this build. My personal favorites in no particular order for him: Rowan's Call, Lucian's Call, Star Helix, Crossroads, Night Hawkin, Cutsmen, Venemous Hornet, Brainstormer and The Butcher. The main thing for Slaughter Shaft is to make sure you have at least one Shock and one Corrosive/Cryo weapon to shred shields and armor respectively. Generally I run the brainstormer for my shock weapon, however I found an anointed Crossroads that grants an extra charge of Rakk Attack, so I swapped that out. The Venemous hornet is my favorites to shred armor, which also spreads out your ammo usage.

Mods- I think Bounty Hunter is best in slot here for added skill points in The Most Dangerous Game. If you cannot find one, a Rakk Commander or Deadeye would work until a Bounty Hunter drops.

Shields- A recharger shield will be best in slot here to help keep your health full to continue getting your damage boosts. If you don't have a recharger of any sort, the stop-gap will work as well. If you can find an anointed shield that gives +1 Rakk Attack charge that would be great to have as well.

Artifact- I use a Last Stand Pullout Method for the temporary invulnerability, and its Cooldown pairs nicely with the recharge shield. If you can find one with +40% mag size that is always preferable.

Grenade- A cryo/shock hex or raining firestorm is always good. If you're struggling to find these top tier nades, the homing generator transfusion nade that restores shields and health is good in a pinch until you find the hex/firestorm.

When playing in a group you have to be conscious of getting the final blows to badass enemies in order to keep your Most Dangerous Game buffs active. With your insane gun damage you're the best suited to be melting the badasses anyway, so make them your focus.

Thanks for reading.


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