Dharok The Wretched Moze - Slaughter Shaft

Moze build by Suave Matthews updated 1 year ago
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If you're wondering about the title, Dharok is an NPC from Runescape, and he had a set of armor you could obtain that would increase your damage based of how low your health was. When I saw that Moze had an ability that gave her increased damage when her health is low, I immediately thought of this. Unlike other builds, this is pretty centered around a couple items; mainly a Deathless artifact and the Bloodletter class mod. A Front loader shield also has good synergy with this build. Let's jump into the skill trees.

Red: This is the main tree for a bloodletter Moze. We are mainly after Desperate Measures, but Drowning in Brass and Thin Red Line are great skills along the way.

5/5 Armored Infantry: 15% gun damage while shields are active, and our shields will always be active. Also gives us some damage reduction.

5/5 Drowning in Brass: This gives us 20% gun damage for each stack for a max of three, and lasts 15 seconds. It's very easy to keep these stacks up while you're spamming nades, which makes your gun damage significantly more potent.

3/3 Thin Red Line: This takes away our health and adds it to our shields. This paired with our other skills and gear has turned my 9,716 Front Loader into 38,887 shields, and that's without stacks from Phalanx Doctrine, which our Bloodletter class mod will be giving us. Contrary to popular belief, BL3 is different from BL2 with how skill trees operate. In BL3, you do not need to invest into a skill in order to activate it. As long as you've invested enough points to unlock the skill, your class mod will activate the skill. This being said, we will not be putting points into Phalanx doctrine as the couple we get from the class mod will be plenty.

4/5 Vladof of Ingenuity: Increases our maximum shield by 24% and gives us 42% shock resistance, which is much needed as we are going to have 1 health.

1/1 Experimental Munitions: This gives 10% bonus incendiary damage with critical hits, which will help our grenades chew threw health as they will be constantly hitting crits with Pull the Holy Pin from the blue tree.

3/3 Desparate measures +50% gun damage based on how low our health is. Thanks to our deathless artifact we will always have this. Look for a bloodletter mod with as many points into this skill as you can find for bonus damage.

I use to run Forced Feedback with this build, but it is completely unnecessary as we will be getting so much life steal from our grenades.

Green Tree: This ones simple, we just want Redistribution, and Cloud of Lead is the best way to get us there.

5\5 Cloud of Lead: Every four shots doesn't consume ammo and does bonus incendiary damage. Cool.

1/1 Redistribution: "Every time Moze scores a critical hit, she regenerates ammo for a few seconds." The beauty with this skill is it doesn't have to be critical hits with gun damage, grenade crits count too, and you'll be getting a lot of those.

Blue Tree: This tree will give us all of our sustain through spamming grenades like Mr. Torgue himself.

5/5 Fire in the Skag Den: Bonus incendiary damage with splash, perfect for your grenade spam.

3/5 Grizzled: Unfortunately we have to put points somewhere, and this is the lesser of evils in at the top of this tree.

3/3 Means of Destruction: Adds ammo to your magazine when you deal splash damage, with a smaller chance to add grenades. Not sure what gearbox's idea of small is, because you will never run out of nades. Pairs well with Redistribution from the green tree to give us nearly infinite ammo with our guns.

1/1 Autobear: This makes our Iron Bear slightly less useless as it will stay deployed for 15 seconds after exiting. Spoiler, it isn't going to last 15 seconds in Slaughter Shaft, but it's something? We are paring the Vanquisher Rocket Pods action skill with Target Softening augment to give the Iron Bear some sort of purpose. Enemies damage by the Iron Bear's rockets will take increased damage. So that's cool. I guess.

4/5 Vampyr: This is how we become immortal, and when paired with Bloodletter class mod the health Regen will restore our shields. I've put four points here because the health Regen is so crazy that another point just feels unnecessary.

1/3 Why…Grenades: Why is this skill title so long? Anyway I've put 1/3 here but you can put it in Vampyr if you have OCD.

1/1 To The Last: Remember when I said we were immortal? Well sometimes in Slaughter Shaft we aren't, so I like to be able to throw nades when I'm down. I haven't used it much recently, so I might transfer it to the extra grenades skill. That's up to your discretion.



This is actually a pretty gear dependent build, and works best with some items that can be hard to find. The top items you'll need are:

Mod- Bloodletter class mod. You'll want one with as many points into Desperate Measures as possible, but Thin Red Line is good too. If you can find a roll with +splash damage and +gun damage you'll be doing pretty damn good.

Artifact- Any deathless works, but a Snowdrift Deathless and Atom Balm Deathless are the best I've used. If you have radiation nades such as the Recurring Hex, you'll want to run the Atom Balm version.

Grenades- Recurring Hex or Mirvtacular are the best in slot, preferably radiation if your using the Atom Balm Deathless. Rain Firestorm is fun, but it doesn't give you the same reliable damage and sustain as the homing hex's give you.

Shield- I recommend a Front Loader, I'm personally using a VIP Front Loader but all of them work well. A Transformer is also good to make you immune to shock. If you run a Transformer, I would spec out of Vladof of Integrity as those points would be better spent elsewhere. If you're using this build to fight bosses, run a rerouter shield for the damage amp.

Guns- Run whatever you find fun. The flakker is a staple for Moze Builds, and the Butcher is also fun because of your ammo Regen. Lasersploders, Ogres, and devastators are also solid choices, basically anything splash.

Moze is by far the easiest vault hunter to complete Slaughter Shaft with, so have fun grinding.

Thanks for reading.


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