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Amara build by foreshadowed63 updated 2 months ago
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Spiritual Driver builds for Amara are not a surprise but I thought I'd share my personal take on one.

Firstly the equipment, It requires a good number of specific gear and I'll list them here then go into detail of each of them later.


  • Binary Cutsman with fire element
  • Binary Cutsman with shock element
  • Binary Cutsman with corrosive element
  • Krakatoa

Honorable Mentions

  • Recursion with Fire, Corrosive, or Shock
  • Shocker (GL&T DLC)
  • Insider (GL&T DLC)
  • Seventh Sense (GL&T DLC)

I'd recommend some of these weapons for fast-moving and/or far away targets as the Cutsmans have a slow projectile speed and relatively limited range. The Recursion is dropped from General Traunt on Nekrotafeyo in Desolations Edge as well as a World Drop and is great against hordes as it bounces off enemies toward other enemies multiple times as well as spawns new projectiles with each hit. It's useless against a single person. The Insider is a world drop in the new DLC, the Shocker drops from Voltborn, a hidden boss in Negul Neshai that appears after finishing the main quest in the area, in the new DLC, and the Seventh Sense is the reward for finishing the Cold Case side quests in the new DLC.

Class Mod

  • Spiritual Driver (Obviously)


  • Otto Idol with elemental projector
  • Victory Rush with elemental projector
  • Any Snow Drift artifact

Grenade Mod(s)

  • Any grenade mod with bonus elemental damage to any element


  • Re-Charger
  • Any large capacity one

Detailed breakdown


Binary Cutsmans

These beauts are the single damage dealer of the whole build but unfortunately, they are annoying to get. They are a dedicated drop to Borman Nates which spawns on Promethea in the Meridian Outskirts not far from the second fast travel station in the zone. if you go left toward the scaffolding area with COV and go up there, he will be in the bigger open area at the back, opposite the elevator. I believe he only spawns thereafter the side mission where you kill the two Maliwan dudes that try to one-up each other by being the worse one. The Cutsmans have a very small drop chance even on Mayhem 4 not much better than their world drop chance if I'm being honest. What you are looking for is 1 with each element (3 in total), they only drop with fire, shock, or corrosion. The anointment you want with them is On action skill end deal 100% more damage for a short time on each one. Other than that, that's all your looking for on them. Bonus points if you get faster charge speed and/or projectile speed.


This beast got a buff some time ago and I never figured to try it out again until recently and boy is it a monster! I highly recommend this weapon as your 4th weapon for 2 reasons: first, it does a lot of damage even when not moving at Mach 5 so if you go into FFYL again while guardian angel is on cooldown you have a good chance to get back up using it, and second, it does an insane amount fo damage while moving, making it a must for fleshy bosses. I do anywhere between 100k to 600k damage per hit. Plus it's automatic after the initial charge up.

Spiritual Driver

This class mod is the whole reason this build works. Without it, you'd be a squishy siren with no damage output on mayhem. The class mod drops from Sylestro on Nekrotafeyo in the Tazendeer Ruins. He is one of the duo legendary hunts on the map. His comrade is Atomic which does NOT drop it. It is one of the few items that only drop in Mayhem 4 and then it is one of the rarest things to drop in the game. you want one with 3 points into Mindfulness and 2 points into Helping Hands. Mindfulness boosts movement speed when hurt and with the class mod, you will give yourself whatever element your action skill is to yourself (don't worry it is very minimal damage). What it does is the faster you move the more damage you do. This works really well with the Mindfulness skill. Stats don't matter much but bonus reload speed or Maliwan gun damage would be beneficial. The reason for the reload speed is the Cutsmans have a small magazine even with Deep Well and a somewhat long reload time so anything to boost the speed is nice for more DPS!


The prefix Elemental Projector is the main priority here but the Otto idol and Victory Rush have good benefits to this build and I recommend getting each with the Elemental Projector prefix. What the prefix does is whatever element you currently are suffering from you get bonus damage output for that same element. This works really well with the spiritual driver class mod as you get a damage buff to the element you give yourself! so this plus the damage buff from moving at Mach 5 equals a whole lotta damage! Any bonus stats that boost reload speed, damage, or movement speed would be beneficial but are not required. The Otto Idol drops from Tyreen The Destroyer on Pandora in the Destroyers Rift. She can be an annoying boss to fight with her going out of the map all the time. The reason for the Otto Idol is because it helps with survivability; Every time you kill an enemy you heal for 18% of your max health and with you dealing so much damage you will heal a lot, however, some of Amara's skills help with healing too such as Sustainment so this is an optional artifact. The Victory Rush drops from Thunk & Sloth on Pandora in Konrad's Hold. What it does is every time you kill a badass you gain 18% movement speed and damage for 60 seconds. Badasses include bosses and named enemies. Again this is optional as you already do a lot of damage. Any bonus effects toward damage, reload speed and movement speed are beneficial.

Grenade Mod(s)

Just about any grenade mod will work as I personally don't use them often, however, some that could help is the Tran-fusion as it helps heal you or Moxxie's Bouncing Pair cause the do to. The Tran-fusion drops from Power Troopers on Promethea in the Atlas HQ. Moxxie's Bouncing Pair drops from Killavolt on Promethea in Lectra City. You want either a survivability anointment or the 50% bonus elemental damage of any element. The survivability for, well surviving, or the bonus elemental damage because for whatever reason when you have that anointment when you hit yourself with your own element it gives you that bonus damage to yourself so your Mindfulness stacks to max (25) instead of 15 so you are moving much faster which gives you more damage output. Although any grenade mod would work I would avoid the Its Piss mod as it removes your element you are suffering from if you are in the blast radius.


I go with the Re-Charger because it helps with survivability although any high capacity shield will work. What's special about it is when it depletes it instantly recharges itself to full with a 20-second cooldown essentially doubling the time it takes for enemies to reach your health, Plus it has a high capacity. The Re-Charger drops from Urist McEnforcer on Promethea in Lectra City. The anointment you want is one focused on survivability I personally like the On action skill end 30% of damage taken is returned to the attacker because bonus damage and helps with survivability.


For the most part, you go down the orange and green tree because trees have the key skills you need for the build to work such as Mindfulness, Helping Hands, Roots to Rise, and Sustainment. But with the recent level caps, I started going down the blue tree to help with reload speed and eventually more damage as more level cap increases come.

How the Build Works

The build works by using the synergy between the Spiritual Driver class mod, Amara's Mindfulness skill, and the Elemental Projector prefix on artifacts and mixing these 3 key parts contributes to a whole lotta damage. Mix this with Amara's Sustainment and Clarity skills for healing and you can stay up longer and give out more damage! How you do it is you spam your action skill. When you activate it but don't actually phasegrasp someone it still registers as being used so you get your element put on yourself to start getting those Mindfulness stacks but it doesn't actually use the action skill so it resets and you can use it again. Just use it every 3 to 5 seconds to keep your Mindfulness stacks up and your good to go!


This is really fun build. Shock Lob with Transformer is a good combo w this

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