Amara - Storming Onslaught [POST-HOTFIX]

Amara build by ARoomKey updated 7 months ago
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Key Synergies:

Ties that Bind <-> Stillness of Mind <-> Ascendant

  • Allows you to CC large groups of enemies and damage all of them at once

Soulfire/Blight Tiger <-> Infusion <-> Brainstormer

  • Circumvents the Infusion bug by always using electric weapons (or play smart and don't double up on type)

Do Harm <-> Ties that Bind

  • TTB triggers the Do Harm bonus damage allowing for severe damage

All other skills are taken as they are generally the best Defensive/Offensive option available, or give us reduced CD on Phasegrasp


General Requirements/Recommendations:

  • Level 50

If below, focus on Fist of the Elements -> Mystical Assault -> Brawl trees, with the exception that if you receive a lucky phasezerker mod early to make sure you dip into the Mystical Assault tree getting one point in Do Harm

  • Hyperion Brainstormer Shotgun [Prefered Redundant]

Our bread and butter weapon. While this build is still solid without it, I'd be lying if I didn't say that this truly is what pulls all these skills and synergies together and truly puts this build on top. Ideally, you'd be looking for the Redundant version (x14 shot) with a 100% damage on action skill end anointment.

  • Phasezerker COM

Insanely strong allowing you to stack up to 99 Do Harm and Violent Tapestry stacks (and synergizing, in general, giving reduced CD on our action skill).

  • Elemental Projector Artifact

One of the best artifacts in general. Getting a huge damage boost while suffering the equivalent DoT type damage. Often we'll just naturally be under different DoT effects already triggering this massive boost, but in those rare situations we cant…

  • Low-level Maliwan Sellout

EXTREMELY important that the Sellout is low level, otherwise, we'll simply just kill our selves. A weapon with multiple pellets and a high percentage chance to cause DoT effects synergizes perfectly with our Elemental Projector.

Build Concept + Tips

By running a combination of Ties That Bind and Stillness of Mind, any time we use our Phasegrasp ability, we CC entire sections of rooms at once. Ignoring the offensive benefits that come to fruition, by doing this, we can pass over more defensive skills such as Helping Hands and Arms Deal. Offensively, by now taking more damaging skills such as Wrath and Laid Bare, our damage reaches a plateau where we now effectively can one-shot most enemies (even an anointed if you get all headshots!) with a brainstormer shot, chaining to other individuals, killing up to ten enemies (if close enough) with just one click. For the bonuses on our gear, focus on acquiring as many action skill cooldown perks to get our Phasegrasp CD as low as possible.


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