Easy Mode Amara - very light gear dependent

Amara build by GenghisDon updated 2 months ago
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  • If you want to be fast, tough and drop 7 enemies in 1 shot, this is the build for you!!
  • If you want Wotan to drop like a stone, this build is for you!!
  • If you have a corrosive Boom Sickle and want to flip the game to easy mode, this is the build for you!!


  • SHIELD: Transformer, with elemental anointment
  • NADE: anything you like BUT with a different elemental anointment from your shield
  • CLASS MOD: Spiritual Driver
  • ARTIFACT: Elemental Projector or Pearl


  • Recursion,
  • Lob,
  • Cutsman,
  • Boom Sickle,
  • or other random stuff that you like.

How does it work?

We are putting 3 maybe 4 or even 5 elements into play to max the Recursions ricochet and cause tons of elemental damage. Each element we apply cause it’s own ricochet.

How do we get so many elements on our gun?

The Grenade and Shield with 50% anointments on action-skill-end (ASE) for say radiation and corrosive will cover 2 elements. We then use a gun with either cryo or fire to get us to 3. Then we can add shock with our action skill (AS) element for 4. Then we can also get another element if our gun has ASE next 2 mags have 50% of another element for 5. I don't recommend this though. I stick to 3 or 4.

How does shock get applied?

The Spiritual Driver applies your AS element to yourself when you use your AS. This is also known as damage over time or "DOT". With a point in "Forceful Expression" You will get shock damage added whenever you DOT yourself.

How to use it

1. Basic

Shoot your "Phasegrasp" into the ground, missing on purpose. This triggers ASE and all your elements. While being shocked you gain shields from your transformer for staying alive. You will also be triggering your "Helping Hands" for 40+% damage reduction too. You are also triggering your Elemental Projector for 90% to 106% more Shock damage. You are now sitting at +50% gun damage worth of 2 elements from nades and shields, plus whatever damage the element of the gun itself has, then all the damage added from anointments like ASE 100% damage or next 2 mags gain 50% of some element. Then at the second your damage is registered, you do 18% of that damage again in the form of Shock and all elements are increased 48% from skills and Shock is increased 68%!!!

Mobbing Phasecast into the ground and shoot 1 dude with the recursion and watch the fireworks!!! Wash/Rinse/Repeat. Should you die, no problem, Guardian Angel will pick you back up. (cooldown dependent of course)

Bossing This build isn't AS dependent. You can flip to Phasecast or Slam to take advantage of those monster 250% and 300% ASE anointments. If I fight Graveward, it's a Krakatoa with 250% Phasecast ASE and set my AS element to fire. Then light him up. If it's Wotan I stay with fake grasp and shock to keep my ASE stuff quick and I use a corrosive cutsman or boom sickle and melt him down to nothing in short order. Double bubble shield I use a Cutsman. All other bosses are pretty easy with a boom sickle or Lob.

2. Unbelievable Damage with the Pearl (use same tactics as above for mobs/boss)

The set up is the same as above, but there is a trade off. You lose the bonus part of the elemental projector. No Otto Idol, no more Victory Rush. The good part: Your Elemental Projector DOT will max out your pearl giving EVERY SHOT a 100%+ damage boost. This loses a little survive ability but once you learn how to take more precautions and chose your shots better, CRUSHES everything in its path to include Wotan.

** How I use it 90% of the time**

I stick to 3 elements. I use a Cryo 50% ASE transformer, a Fire 50% grenade and a try to keep to shock as much as I can baring specialized bosses. I will flip to a Corrosive 50% ASE grenade if I'm somewhere with tons of armored enemies. I normally run a Recursion 100% damage ASE with Shock as the main element I use. I do this because of "Tempest" giving me 20% extra shock damage. This will overcome most element/enemy type pairings should I shoot shock at a armored enemy or red health bar enemy. Since I run a pearl, my AS element isn't as important, but if I get 18% AS element damage extra, from "Forceful Expression", I may as well take the extra 20% damage and apply it from "Tempest". Also, leaving shock as my AS element, when I DOT myself, it will always heal my shields.

2 caution points!!! 1.) you will be running very fast, don’t fall off edges 2.) DO NOT put points in Conflux. When you apply Shock to yourself, you will also apply other elements and will kill yourself.


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