Rad Boss (Deathless 50/150 Blast Master)

Moze build by Garoam updated 7 months ago
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Items of each category are listed from greatest choice to least choice.

- Gear:

  • Relic:

  • - (Atom Balm) Deathless (+Radiation Damage, +Irradiate Chance)

  • Class Mod:

  • - (Sanctified Circulating/Blessed Circulating/Blood-Sucking Charitable) Blast Master (+Weapon Damage, +Heavy Damage, +COV Damage/+Torgue Damage)

  • Grenades:

  • - (Recurring/MIRV/Mitosis) Hex (Radiation/Cryo, ASE +50% Shock/Cryo/Corrosive Damage)

  • - Cloning Maddening Tracker (ASE +50% Shock/Cryo/Corrosive Damage)

  • Shield:

  • - (Gorging) Big Boom Blaster (Radiation, +Max Capacity, +Absorb Chance, ASE +50% Shock/Cryo/Corrosive Damage)

- Weapons (All having the "While under 50% health, deal 150% bonus radiation damage" anointment):

  • Heavy:

  • - (Moar Dayumned) Yellowcake

  • - (Moar Dayumned) Globetrottr (Cryo/Corrosive)

  • - (Stuffed) Plaguebearer (Cryo/Corrosive)

  • SMG:

  • - (Adapting Lethal) Kaoson (Cryo/Corrosive)

  • Assault Rifle:

  • - (Cost-Effective Optimized) O.P.Q. System

  • - (Negating) Boom Sickle (Cryo/Corrosive)

  • Sniper Rifle:

  • - (High Capacity Dauntless) Sand Hawk (Cryo/Corrosive)

  • Shotgun:

  • - (Spooling) Projectile Recursion (Radiation/Shock & Cryo/Corrosive)

  • Pistol:

  • - (Shrinking Gratifying) Moonfire (Cryo/Corrosive)

  • - (Hazardous) Hellshock

- Strategy:

When gathering shields and grenades for this build, try to have different elemental anointments to further boost the effects of Projectile Recursion and to better cover enemy resistance options.

Exit Iron Bear often to proc both Some For The Road and the ASE +50% anointments.

Throw your grenade often to proc Pull the Holy Pin (given by the listed Blast Master mods), which procs Redistribution to regenerate ammo quicker.

Always be watching for Big Boom Blaster boosters mid-fight to keep your shield and heavy ammo reserves up.

Use your heavy weapon primarily for single-target damage. The COV heavy weapons are recommended due to being able to fire more often without reloading, compared to other manufacturers. Otherwise, you'll have to rely more on Some For The Road to keep yourself from reloading while using them.

Use Projectile Recursion primarily for large groups. The ASE anointments plus the occasional Cloud of Lead proc will allow the Projectile Recursion demolish any crowd of enemies. If you experience framerate issues while using it, you're doing it right.

Despite mostly lacking splash damage, the O.P.Q. System remains your strongest secondary for single-target damage. If you're unable to obtain an O.P.Q. System, then the Boom Sickle is the next best thing.

You can use two O.P.Q. System drones at once if you count your shots. If you proc Cloud of Lead, then fire three more shots, the next shot will proc Cloud of Lead again and not consume ammo. Proc Cloud of Lead using the O.P.Q. System's alternate fire to spawn a drone for free, and then you can fire off a second drone to use at the same time.

The Sand Hawk is better used as a Second Wind weapon due to its high, rapid-fire, easy-to-hit burst damage.

Whether you want to use the Moonfire or the Hellshock is up to personal preference, though keep in mind that the Moonfire has splash damage and the Hellshock does not.

Iron Bear's suggested weapons are the Vanquisher Rocket Pods due to its high DPS, though it should not matter since exiting early and not shooting with Iron Bear will allow you to minimize action skill cooldown time and constantly proc SFTR and ASE anointments.


Oh btw, maybe you'll like to try it too.. try using this build, but with the transformer. Because when using deathless without bloodletter nothing heals your shield, zo shock dmg is pure health regen. I like to use that with a shock backburner :)

Thanks for uploading this. Although i use it a bit different, i just couldnt get the skill tree right, this works perfect, finally got a use for those insane god roll blast masters

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