Reptile (aka corrosive FL4K)

Fl4k build by pestopartyy updated 1 week ago
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Themed after the green-clad ninja of the same name from Mortal Kombat. Focuses on both emulating Reptile and using only corrosive damage as much as possible (the only thing it uses that isn't corrosive is Hollow Point). Obviously not an optimized build (because it's only corrosive, duh) but it can easily handle most content at M10 with proper FL4K strats.


Note: All gear and anointments should be corrosive (if possible) both for the sake of the theme and for maximum Flesh Melter synergy.

Main Guns

  • Reflux - This is your Acid Spit. A monster for mobbing due to its amazing synergy with Head Count. N2M is generally the best but with this build you can get more potential damage with consecutive hits.
  • Gargoyle - Can also thematically work as your Acid Spit. Great for single-target damage; not so much for general mobbing because of the ammo cost. ASE splash is generally the best for this gun.
  • Plaguebearer - This is your Force Ball and also your best choice if you're looking to make the most out of your Fade Away shots. It's great for both crowd control and single-target damage but it generally works best for when you want to take out an enemy without breaking Fade Away. The homing projectiles work great with Leave No Trace and make this gun very ammo-efficient on FL4K. ASA 200, 300/90 and ASE splash are all fine options.

Other Guns

  • The Lob - Can also work as your Force Ball albeit not as well as the Plaguebearer can. Another option for mobbing if you like mobility and making more out of your Fade Away shots. Go with N2M- you rarely need to reload with this gun so you can basically keep the N2M bonus active forever.
  • Breath of the Dying - Every kombatant needs a Fatality, and this assault rifle has one of the coolest on-kill effects in the game (it's also fairly similar to Reptile's "Weight Loss" Fatality from MK9). It also does a solid job at killing on M10. For anoints, I like ASE 100 the most because while it's not the best option for buffing bullet DPS or nova damage it is the best for buffing both. Note that it's best not to use a shield or grenade with an ASE elemental anoint while using this gun because it can prevent the nova from spawning.
  • Hornet - This is a Reptile build not a D'Vorah build. Still, it does decent damage at M10 and is definitely less ammo-hungry than the Gargoyle. Definitely go with ASE corrosive for this gun.


Unfortunately sliding/shield regen is currently not in the anoint pool so try ASE corrosive or ASE health regen for your shield anoint instead.

  • One-Shotter' Shield - General best in slot here; great for one-shotting things (as the name implies). I prefer the Pangolin variant because it has the fastest recharge. Get one with corrosive resistance for bonus thematic points.
  • Impaler - The spike damage is lackluster even with Mayhem scaling but it's corrosive-only (which goes well with the theme), it has a fast recharge and it spends more time being full than any other shield here which gives it the most synergy with Topped Off. It's also parts-locked and is much easier to find than a One-Shotter.
  • Old God - Great for long-term damage but the slow recharge gives it little synergy with Topped Off and with Flesh Melter an extra 20% corrosive damage will do very little. Neither of these drawbacks are really an issue for bossing though which makes it a great choice for that.

Class Mods

  • DE4DEYE - Shields are the health type that corrosion does worst against and many enemies in the game have them as a non-bottom bar so that 35% V2 bonus helps with getting past them. The Two F4ng boost doesn't really do anything for multi-listed pellet guns like the Reflux but it is great for getting double Plaguebearer shots and the like. Plus Reptile's supposed to be all sneaky and assassin-y so this works well with the theme.
  • Bounty Hunter - I don't like this as much as DE4DEYE (and plus it's not as Reptile-y) but it helps a lot for bossing especially because of how quickly you can stack the Interplanetary Stalker corrosive bonus.

Grenade Mods

Go with either OGT or ASE corrosive for the anoint depending on whether or not you're using ASE corrosive with your shield.

  • Hunter-Seeker - Good for stacking the Pearl and consecutive hits bonuses and occasionally proccing Head Count and/or Leave No Trace as well.
  • Acid Burn, NOG Potion #9 - Obviously very situational but nonetheless good for making enemies attack you less which is especially good for FL4K. Note that Reptile has the power of hypnosis in the old Malibu comic series so this does in fact work with the theme.


  • Flesh Melter - Gotta keep with the corrosive theme here. Not the greatest for bossing but for mobbing with corrosive weapons it's absolutely one of the best choices out there. Reflux, Plaguebearer and BOTD in particular help a lot with this due to their crowd control potential. The exact artifact is up to you; I like Otto Idol for the survivability but that's just me.
  • Caustic Coast - If you feel like replicating Reptile's Slide then try this instead. Not really helpful for M10 but still fun.
  • Corrosive Stone - Same as Caustic Coast but this time for replicating Reptile's melee capabilities. Note that this artifact type is great for the Face-puncher but this build avoids that weapon mainly because it's not corrosive.
  • Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge - Really only needed for bosses honestly.


Obviously there's the skill tree below but I'm including this section just to justify certain skill choices I've made.

  • Fade Away - Reptile's trademark ability is to turn invisible so of course it's going to be in this build.
  • Spiderant Countess - Generally not a killer for this build but all her attacks are corrosive so in the event that she does land a killing blow you'll get a Flesh Melter stack. Her attack command is extremely useful even for non-pet builds and can be used to move her around, draw aggro and even strip weaker enemies' shields.
  • Two F4ng - Great for the Lob and Plaguebearer and decent for the Gargoyle. Plus its skill icon is literally a reptile so of course this build has to have it.
  • Megavore - In addition to being FL4K's most acclaimed skill it also fits the Reptile theme because one of Reptile's most famous fatalities is the one where he eats his opponent's head off so course you'll want your voring capabilities to be truly mega.

Stat Bonuses

These are the ones which I generally feel are the most important for this build.

  • Corrosive Damage - This build only uses corrosive weapons so this is a no-brainer. Plus you won't always have Flesh Melter stacks so it's nice to have this as something of a safety net.
  • Magazine Size - This is one of the best stat rolls in the game period and will greatly help any non-COV gun; definitely a big help for the Reflux.
  • [Weapon Type] Damage - V2 damage is always good and weapon type bonuses are V2 so they're good. I like shotgun damage in particular for this build because its most-used weapon is a shotgun.
  • Splash Damage Radius - This has amazing synergy with Hollow Point which with Fade Away and Megavore you'll proc quite often. Note that it also affects the Spiderant Countess's Attack Command so if you use it on an enemy with a Buddy System more often than not it will destroy the Buddy System for you.

Mayhem Modifiers

Any modifier combination of your choice is fine but avoid Acid Reign and Dazed and Infused like the plague. This build uses almost exclusively corrosive damage so corrosion-immune enemies are naturally the worst thing for it.


Use Fade Away as much as possible; this is especially good for having amp damage ready. When not in Fade Away, use the Reflux to proc Head Count (and also kill enemies). Against singular enemies (especially beefier ones) other weapons like the Gargoyle are better choices; if attacking and Fade aren't viable options then run away and let Topped Off bring Fade back for you. Also note that before you use your Fade shots it's often a good idea to send your pet after your target so that they'll activate Not My Circus faster and in the event you go down they'll be right there to revive you. The Countess is great for this because she'll get there faster thus saving you precious Fade Away and Power Inside time.

One-shot weapons like the Plaguebearer can work outside of Fade Away but in general I prefer saving them for Fade in order to maximize their damage potential.


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