The Human Torch - Moze Fire Build

Moze build by IsMeTeaVee updated 1 year ago
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Utilizing the Bottomless Mags and Demolition Woman skill trees, focusing on Splash Damage, Fire Damage and Ammo / Grenade regen skills making an explosion and fire filled build with constant explosions and non-stop health / ammo / grenade regen. Works for both general mobbing (M3 TVHM) and boss farming (M2 TVHM)!


This build is heavily equipment reliant. The entire build works of several items working with the skill tree.

1. Class Mod = Blast Master

This one is a given, we're doing a Demolition Woman / Bottomless Mags focused build how can we not use this Class Mod.

2. Grenade = (Electric) Recurring Hex

This one is also a given, Demolition Woman / Bottomless Mags focused build of course we need Hex. In this case I use an Electric Recurring Hex but any element should work just fine but the Electric will help us get past shields which makes our lives easier.

3. Shield = Transformer (or Big Boom Blaster)

Once again, given. Electric Recurring Hex works amazingly with this because if you desperately need shield, chuck the hex on the ground and instant shield.

The Big Boom Blaster is my personal choice. There's an annoying bug with the Transformer shield and the Forge skill where when you absorb bullets as ammo it stops you from obtaining your max mag size through ammo regen. The Big Boom Blaster is my alternative but you can use whatever shield you want. I only picked the BBB because it has a %60 chance to drop a boost that includes grenades, so just in case you run out, you have this shield!

4. Relic = Any

Any relic you'd like, easy. I personally use the 102% Slide Speed relic due to it allowing you a little more versatility in the battlefield.

5. Gun Slot 1 = Hellfire

Listen, listen, listen hear me out! This gun for one combines with all the fire skills improving this gun's DPS tenfold! It also deals a very small amount of Splash Damage allowing it to trigger Splash Damage skills! My Hellfire personally is Anointed to Gunner saying:

After exiting Iron Bear, gives the next 2 magazines %20 Fire Rate and %10 Critical Damage

and since we're never reloading (Bottomless Mags) we'll have these perks forever. Even without the Annointment the Hellfire is still amazing. If you don't know how to get the Hellfire, farm Jabbermogwai in the Voracious Canopy. I got the Hellfire EVERY RUN on M2 TVHM, it's not a hard farm at all.

6. Gun Slot 2 = Redline

Once again, hear me out! Why not the Flakker?! I hear you ask (probably) but the Redline has great DPS for mobbing but is our designated boss farming gun. Switch to Sticky and hold down the trigger on their crit spot, reload and they're pretty much dead! If you don't know how to get the Redline, farm Road Dog in The Splinterlands. I got the Redline 8/10 runs on M2 TVHM so it's not guaranteed but it's still easy to get!

7. Gun Slot 3 and 4 = Any TORGUE gun

Doesn't matter what, just pick two. I personally use the Quadomizer and the Laser-sploder but use whatever you want.


Got any questions, leave them in the comments and I'll gladly answer!



How do you sustain through all the damage with this build?

Love the build. Use something similar, except I traded Forge for Short Fuse due to an Otto Idol I got with 40% magazine size. Between 2 points in Redistribution and Means of Destruction, my Ogre hasn't gone below 100 rounds on a 122 round magazine.

Gotcha! It's in there! Thank you.

Hello! Yes, that'd be awesome! I'd love to have this build in there! Thank you Aaero!

Hey! On the official forums, I manage a build collection thread for Moze (and others). Would you mind if I shared this build over there?

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