BLACK SWAN II · The Original True Melee Amara Build Updated for Mayhem 10

Amara build by Stone_Swan updated 1 month ago
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An update to my original Black Swan build, this one has quite a few changes.

This melee build avoids the meta. We have Ties that Bind equipped, but we actually don't need to use it that often. We can punch things normally and fakegrasp to proc anointments, Find Your Center, and to convert Rush stacks. We can also use Phaseslam with the Golden Rule. Ties that Bind can be used for extra tanky enemies, to keep yourself from getting downed, and for de-aggro-ing enemies via Glamour. You can choose to use it all the time, and this build will be truly OP, but it isn't necessary.

Just like with the original version of this build, our goal is to freeze enemies with our punches, thereby increasing our total damage output by 3 times. A few things help us do this:

  1. Cryo Stone artifact: adds a bunch of cryo damage to our melee attacks. We use the Static Charge suffix with this to chew through shields, chain damage to another enemy, and help heal us through Sustainment.

  2. Doc Hina's Miracle Bomb grenade (with 50% bonus Cryo anointment): large damage over time from its lava pool special effect. This damage gets translated to our punches through Groundbreaker. The 50% bonus Cryo also gets added to Groundbreaker procs. Stronger punches and more cryo damage = better chance of freezing enemies. It's also helpful for defense: the lava pool heals us through Sustainment.

  3. Violent Tapestry stacks: increase in our cryo efficiency. We don't end up getting too many of these without the Phasezerker, but they do help, and every little bit helps.

Loadout 1

Action Skill: Ties that Bind

Weapon: Butt Plug. The top tier melee weapon for just straight punching.

Class Mod: Dragon, with at least 1 point into Remnant and as many into Restless as we can get. We normally don't have enough skill points to get to Remnant. Remnant helps us chain kills together and add to Groundbreaker damage. Also, the special effect of this class mod means that killing an enemy with our punches procs Glamour on all nearby enemies, taking aggro off of you, and allowing you to easily finish them off from behind with the Butt Plug. (using TTB also procs Glamour on all linked enemies)

Artifact: Cryo Stone Static Charge. Explained above.

Grenade: Doc Hina's Miracle Bomb. Explained above.

Shield: Brawler Ward with 100% melee ASE anointment.

Loadout 2

Action Skill: Phaseslam or Ties that Bind

Weapon: Butt Plug

Class Mod: Golden Rule, with as many points into Laid Bare as we can get and as few points into Mindfulness as possible (we don't want to improve our shield regen delay). Dots on our character proc Golden Rule cooldown stacks, so that's why we max out Anima. Phaseslam or TTB will proc Laid Bare (and Glamour), allowing for easy cleanup. Phaseslam can also add lots of Groundbreaker damage to our next punch if we slammed in the middle of a group.

Artifact: Cryo Stone Static Charge

Grenade: Doc Hina's Miracle Bomb

Shield: Brawler Ward with 100% melee ASE anointment (TTB) or 200% melee after Phaseslam (Phaseslam)

Boss Loadout

Action Skill: Phaseslam

Weapon: Facepuncher with 300% damage after Phaseslam

Class Mod: Golden Rule

Artifact: {Appropriate Element} Stone Static Charge

Grenade: Doc Hina's Miracle Bomb

Shield: Brawler Ward with 200% melee after Phaseslam

(Get your shield depleted, Phaseslam the boss to proc Laid Bare, and shoot away. This setup absolutely wrecks, without abusing TTB or Groundbreaker.)


  1. Carry a 50/150 uRad Facepuncher for getting up from FFYL. This anointment is active in FFYL. Also can be used for flying enemies.

  2. Disable Shield Reboot and Emergency Response guardian rank perks.

  3. Ideal mayhem modifiers: Speed Demon, Healy Avenger, Chain Gang or Drone Ranger, Not the Face.


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