FL4K's Deathless Build | Rakk Attack or Now even better with Gamma/Unhealthy RAD

Fl4k build by Saywhat4118 updated 9 months ago
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Level 60 Updated

Appreciate all the positive ratings. If you are playing on Xbox, add me and let's do some slaughter shaft runs! GT: FL4KGang


This is a max DPS build for Fl4K by utilizing 3 specific items. The Transformer shield, Deathless artifact and lastly Friend-Bot or Red Fang for Gamma class mod. You'll be doing INSANE damage and practically be unstoppable. Works really well with the new Gamma anointed buff. The cool thing about this build is when we do get level cap increase, you can continue to collect all the DPS skills and not have to worry about health based skills in the green tree. (Which we aren't investing in for now) Description below.

Necessary Items

The Last Stand Deathless artifact. The Deathless gives the players double the shield, but leaves only 1HP. The Last Stand prefix provides "Temporary invulnerability when health is below 50%". Since health is always below 1HP, you get this perk as soon as you start receiving damage. Now this does have a 40 seconds cool down and a 5 second duration but trust me, you won't have to worry about that. Just run and gun.

Rakk: I found a Flesh Melter Deathless and it really helps dish out bonus elemental (corrosive) damage, which is necessary with all the armor in Mayhem 4 and Maliwan Takedown. So I recommend the best damage roll Deathless. Does not have to be the Last Stand prefix. But if you want to be more tanky then Last Stand will be the best. So basically, your best Deathless with Damage buffs.

Gamma build - I highly recommend any Deathless with Radiation damage and your fav weapon damage. Other great rolls are 33% AOE (Splash), Action Skill cool down. Atom Balm Deathless works well, Snow Drift Deathless to get you in and out of situation while you are waiting on gamma to come back. Last stand helps a lot too, but most important are the rolls.

The Transformer Shield since you are dependent on shields, you don't want shock weapons to take out your shield immediately so this shield is a must. An anointment with action skill cool down or damage reduction would be bonus.

Rakk: You'll want a Transformer with an action skill end elemental damage. I recommend Cryo or Radiation.

Gamma - Transformer with Action Skill Cool down is a must.

Class Mod: Friend-Bot - Pet gains second wind when FL4K kills an enemy. Basically, your pet will always be up, so you'll always be sharing 65% damage. :) I'll explain below. I would collect multiple Friend Bot and change it up with the modifiers. I have ones with extra SMG damage, one with 45% Jacobs critical hit damage and another with Assault Rifle damage.

Gamma - Red Fang - Pet taunts enemies while you are inflicting major damage. Try to get as many Eager to impress as possible but bottom rolls matter more. so a +2 Eager to impress with +18 Crit, 25 Weapon and weapon crit or other roll is better than a +5 eager to impress with random bad rolls.

Grenade Mod: It's Piss. Damaged enemies take +20% damage for 6 seconds. To me, this is the best grenade mod for FL4K because all the skill points are around gun and action skill damage. Not for grenades so why not amplify the damage output?

Rakk: You need any grenade with the anointed perk: 50% bonus elemental damage on action skill end. As for what element works best, go with the opposite of your transformer shield. If you have Cryo shield, go with radiation and vice versa. Why Cryo + Radiation? This combo delivers the best DPS against Flesh, Shield and Armor. Least amount of negative impact. Look up the elemental damage damage chart for more details.

Gamma - It's piss, Trans Fusion or Hunter Seeker grenade with 25% anointment. With this annointment, after you throw your grenade, your weapons will do 25% more damage. It's piss debuffs your enemies by 20%, Trans Fusion gives you health and shield back and Hunter Seeker can help reduce your cool down. so when gamma is over, throw out the hunter seeker, it'll shoot the enemies, it counts as gun damage and procs headcount. pretty cool synergy.

Important skills necessary for this build:

Hive Mind - Share 15% damage with the pet. (Update: you can also go with +4 who rescued who? if you want to swap out Friend Bot Class mod with a Cosmic Stalker/Rakk P4kk or Bounty Hunter)

Shared Spirit - If FL4K is at low health, share 50% damage with the pet. This syncs perfectly with the 1HP build. You are always at low health, hence always sharing damage with your pet.

The Hunter tree will max your damage capabilities.

Pet: Great Horn Skag to take advantage of Barbaric Yawp bonuses and extra DPS.

Action Skills: You choose, Rakk Attack or Gamma Burst. All depends on your anointed guns or whatever you enjoy more. Make sure you choose the DPS skills and not the health based action skill. We don't care about health in this build. Sorry Dr. Zed.

Weapon Anoint I recommend 50/150 Unhealthy Radiation anoint. It is always active since you are using deathless artifact.


So what's the play style? Simple. Activate action skill, get in their face and CTR ALT DELETE them. As simple as that. I use Rakk Attack and guns that provide perks after action skill ends. Because Rakk Attack is quick, and very low cool down, you'll get the perks quickly. With Head Count and Megavore you can basically spam Rakks.

My channel with different vids/runs showcasing this build: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm40wsbbFpiCm3SkNve7lbg

That's about it, thanks for checking out this build. I have been working on this for a while. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


I'm going to try this when I start playing Fl4k; it's the only character i haven't played

@Saywhat4118. I'm still getting my head around builds for end game. Any updates for level 57 I'll be forever greatful. Thanks.

@fuzzyc00t3r I wouldn't say better in pure damage but gamma and deathless has better survivability and still do really good damage.

So after the update, the gamma burst build is stronger than the rakk build?

I made a video

Tested it on Mayham 2 and tried the Maliwan Takedown….i couldn't even kill the Valkyries….diwd every time i was there and on mayhem 4 i don't get real dmg output

Great build! I enjoy this soo much more then fade-away.

I'll be trying this build tomorrow, fade away isn't working well for me and I want to m4

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