End Game Farming FL4K (Fade Away - Stalker/Hunter Combo)

Fl4k build by TMacAG updated 1 year ago
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I've found this build to be the best possible option for end game farming as FL4K, with the focusing being on critical hits, fire rate and optimizing the cooldown of the Fade Away Action Skill. This build works extremely well using weapons with ricochet effects.


Due to the possible ricochet effects that a few legendary Jacobs weapons give (also some Vladov weapons), this build will absolutely destroy most bosses. There are also a number of non ricochet weapons that will still benefit with this build so I would try to experiment and find what weapons you enjoy the most. For example, I found that the Corrosive Roisen's Thorns handgun will melt robot enemies like GenIVIV faster than any Jacobs weapon, using this same build. I tend to use a combination of the following:

Top Level Weapon Options

  • King/Queen's Call
  • Rowan's Call
  • Lucian's Call
  • Hellwalker
  • One Pump Chump
  • Gatling Gun
  • Lyuda

I've been using a Cosmic Crator Eridian Artifact along with a DE4DEYE Class Mod. Although, I'm sure there are more optimal combinations for these items depending on you can find.

Elemental Projector Cosmic Crator

  • Damage Boost +183%
  • Max Health +1487
  • Area-Of-Effect Damage +33%
  • Fight For Your Life Duration +40%

Pronghorn Mongoose DE4DEYE

  • Go for the Eyes! +1
  • The Fast and the Furryous +1
  • Two F4ng +3

During early game I had used Rakk Attack with the Spiderant up until I was able to unlock Unblinking Eye Action Skill Augmentation, which I feel is the most important Action Skill. At this point I switched over to the combination of Fade Away and the Gunslinger Jabber. Using the Jabber benefits boss farming due to the avoidence of melee attacks which would often down the other pets. The further away your pets can be while still assisting in providing damage is key.


  • Gunslinger Jabber

Action Skill

  • Fade Away

Action Skill Augmentations

  • Guerrillas in the Mist
  • Unblinking Eye

One thing to note, the Lick The Wounds skill is up to your personal preference and that +1 could be used to bump Eager To Impress up to +4. I've decided to use it only for the reason that when farming bosses you might find yourself in a situation where there are no additional enemies to kill in Fight For Your Life, allowing for a Second Wind. In these rare cases it's very unfortunately to go out without any option of reviving yourself so the having your pet available to revive you can be invaluable.

Final Note: Borderlands is my absolute favorite series and due to the DLC's plus replayability I've no doubt dumped more hours into these games than any other game I've owned. I love these games and I love this community and how positive it can be when everyone is assisting each other play at their absolute best. I would like to thank the author of this site for their hard work creating something just for the love of the game. I look forward to seeing everyone else's builds. Happy Vault Hunting everyone!!!


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