Moze Invincible Tediore Build

Moze build by NOLAftw updated 6 months ago
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My build for a Tediore reload focused Moze, based on the one by JoltzDude139. Main weapons/items are:

  • Facepuncher
  • Cutpurse artifact (I’d recommend Cutpurse Deathless, but if you manage to get +2 Thin Red Line on your class mod, I’d run Cutpurse Victory Rush for mobbing)
  • Transformer shield
  • Shock Tediore shotgun with a homing MIRV reload (main weapon).
  • Tediore shotguns in other elements.
  • Any Tediore grenade for a full Matched Set bonus (I pretty much never throw grenades with this build).
  • Any class mod, but I’d recommend a Bloodletter since it boosts some great skills, and it allows you to get some free healing from health vials.
  • Optimal anointments (though unnecessary): for your Tediore shotguns, the best would be Moze’s +120% splash damage anointment (which also gives +75% shields as a hidden bonus). For Facepuncher, you’ll want Terror on melee. On your grenade mod, you’ll want the Terror bonus damage/fire rate anointment. And on your Transformer, the Terror ammo regen (this will boost the damage of your chucks, since, while Terrified, you’ll regen your mag during the reload animation and have 2 extra rounds in the reload damage calculation).
  • You’ll want to avoid any skills or anointments that add non-shock elemental damage to your reloads, as that will cause your shock reloads to kill you, ruining your survivability.

You can use Tediore shotguns in other elements when you need to match elements on tankier enemies, but a shock version is plenty strong enough for most enemies. (To fully benefit from Matched Set, you’ll want to equip 3 Tediore guns and a Tediore grenade).

I’ve tested many different skill distributions for this type of build, and in my experience, I found that this spec has the best balance of survivability and damage output.

Previously, I advocated for a spec using Shield of Retribution (SoR) and Demolition Woman (DW), ignoring the Bottomless Mags (BM) tree. This is the build you’ll see me use in the Traunt kill video below.

However, I’ve decided that Short Fuse, effectively a 15% (multiplicative?) gun damage boost, isn’t really worth so much investment in the blue tree, and those points could be put to better use. In particular, I’ve found that a full Matched Set already more than offsets the loss of Short Fuse in terms of chucking damage (although I do miss the ammo efficiency of the smaller mag). Stoke the Embers, while not necessary for this build, is also a great skill for when you pull out your fire Tediore for high-health flesh targets.

I’ve also found that being able to max out Phalanx Doctrine is a big boost to this build, and further offsets the loss of Short Fuse. I’ve had shields upwards of 80k while mobbing, without using a Deathless artifact.

While the spec I have here is the one I’d recommend, here’s my rough summary of the different possible skill specs compared to mine, where you’re grabbing the relevant skills from the trees listed:

  • DW/BM: Lower damage and lower survivability
  • SoR/DW: Lower damage and slightly lower survivability (since we’re grabbing Short Fuse and thus not maxing Phalanx)
  • SoR/BM: Higher damage per base chuck, but lower damage overall due to lack of grenade crits (Pull the Holy Pin), and equal survivability


Shoot Tediore Shotgun. Reload it. Repeat. Everything dies.

If you need healing, throw the shock shotgun at your feet.

Switch to the Facepuncher and shoot an enemy to regen your ammo.

Here’s a quick Traunt kill video (this uses a different skill spec, but you’ll pretty much one-shot Traunt with neutral mods, optimal gear, and any of the 4 specs I specified).

Here’s a Slaughter Shaft Round 5 with neutral modifiers, with my current spec.


@Jmash22 If it turns out it’s an additive increase, then that Short Fuse damage is less than I thought, and even more worth skipping.

@Jmash22 I’ve honestly not tested it too closely, but I thought Short Fuse gave an extra explosion with 75% of the final damage that produced it, but I’m not sure if that’s the case.

I could be wrong, but I thought gun damage was additive. How is it a 15% multiplicative increase then? Also, I agree stoke of the embers over short fuse. Good build!

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