Electric Reaper [Zane/Grenade/Movement speed build]

Zane build by PrestonYates updated 1 month ago
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For starters, this is NOT a bossing build (I killed Graveward in about 2 minutes and Traunt in 1:30 on neutral modifiers), it is a mobbing build.

This build gets its damage from kill skills and movement speed. On neutral modifiers, it does pretty well, mobbing is a breeze, and it is VERY fun. Compared to the standard cryo build which is usually used for mobbing, this build isn't as good, but in my opinion running at 100 mph and one-shotting a bandit in the face with a hellwalker is wayyyy more appealing. Additionally, this is a grenade build, and you don't see that very often on Zane so its nice to use the grenade mods you farmed every once in a while.

Here's how it works:

Your main sources of damage are your grenades and the hellwalker. You use your grenades, which must be shock, to melt through enemy shields and then sprint in and annihilate them with the hellwalker. Personally, I recommend a shock hex, but a storm front or even an emp works well too.

While using this build you'll be VERY vulnerable, for you rely on your shield being depleted for the movement speed buff, which means the only things keeping you alive are the 40% absorb chance on the transformer, your movement speed, and two health regeneration kill skills. In fact, the class mod you'll be using depletes your shield upon deploying your clone, so don't rely on that shield too much.

You don'y have to worry about grenades running out because we'll be triggering grenade regeneration each kill



Powerful shock weapon (only if a badass has a meaty shield and you end up running out of grenades or if you're fighting a shielded boss. I use a brainstormer but lucian's call, lazersploder, and others are just as good if not better).

Powerful Corrosive weapon (Most armor can be powered through with the hellwalker and hex, but just in case pack a strong corrosive weapon).

Misc. (Use whatever. I stick an alchemist in this spot because A, the transformer will prevent you from being damaged by it and B, it's good for long range second winds. But again, whatever you want)

Transformer (Absolute necessity.)

Infiltrator (This class mod is great for movement speed, and is a staple of the build. I recommend 4 points in violent momentum and another in supersonic man. For sub stats look for jakobs damage, incendiary damage, and reload speed).

Shock Hex (This can be replace by any shock grenade but I've found the hex to be the best).

Relic (Doesn't matter. Look for one with high movement speed and max health bonuses for damage and survivability).


Kill skills are important. Keep 'em up.

You can put a point in Fractal Frags but it doesn't deal enough damage to be as impactful as other skills.

I put a point into Old-u because it can help out in a pinch, but it is by no means necessary and can be reallocated.

Salvation is important for keeping your health up. Keep firing to stay alive. It's like a grog nozzle 2.0.

There aren't points put into any fire rate skills because the hellwalker has only one shot.

Pocket full of grenades is vitally important. Be conservative with your grenades and avoid using them for damage that is better left to the hellwalker.

Keep. Moving. Stopping will decrease your damage tremendously and get you killed.


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