Igloo for Two (Clone x Barrier Cryo Build)

Zane build by Valphira updated 7 months ago
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Will update this build fully after having played a bit with the November 21 Patch. While most are simple buffs, the changes to Trick of the Light seems particularly interesting. However "Bullet tracers passing through Zane's shield are more transparent" might be the biggest buff this build could have wished for.


This is my personal Cryo build for Zane. How does it differ from other Calm Cool Collected builds? Well, mine has a rather catchy name. That's mostly it, really… Aside from entirely ignoring the existence of the Sentinel Drone. I will work this build out further, as I gradually find better gear for it.

Got any questions or suggestions? Feel free to comment.


The goal here is to freeze enemies in order to keep refreshing your Cooldown/Duration with Calm Cool Collected. You can spawn your Clone with a Cryo weapon and dump the Barrier on top. In most fights your Clone should refresh itself and the Barrier as long as you manage to keep you Health and Shield up. Hence quite a lot of points have been put in skills that help with that. Aim for a Shield that's fast to charge. The Legendary Cold Warrior Class Mod is nice to have but not that important.

There is a single flexible point currently put in Praemunitus. Should you prefer it, you can also put in Old-U. I don't use it myself simply because in the few times I do die it's because my Clone is already down. Making it a poor investment outside of certain boss fights. Another option would be to put it in Supersonic Man for the extra movement speed, but with just one point it's hardly noticeable.

I understand Best Served Cold isn't the best skill, but it fits well with the theme and it just feels right to see enemies explode. I feel defensive enough to ignore the two skills next to it and don't want to increase my shields either, as they would only take more time to fully charge. Adrenaline also feels unnecessary due being able to fully charge Action Skills with one freeze. And there's the Guardian Rank Skill that reduces cooldown on full shields which should be enough get ready for the next fight as you move on anyway.


Trevenator: I heavily rely on my Binary Compressing Trevenator. It shoots a volley of 6 shots with a beastly 267% Cryo Efficiency, all without having to charge up. Except for certain boss fights, I usually spawn my Clone with it to ensure it can sustain itself. It does only offer two volleys before having to reload, but most weak enemies are frozen in one, slightly stronger in two. It isn't good in ammo, hence it works best in the hands of your clone. When an enemy isn't easy to freeze I generally swap to my next gun instead to preserve it's ammo. (As a sidenote, I have +50% Maliwan accuracy on my Class Mod, which might help with how well this gun works for me.)

Cost Effective Q-Sytem: This is the general all-purpose weapon I use anytime it isn't ideal to use Cryo. For myself, but also my Clone on certain bosses. It has great damage output, is very light on ammo and is fairly accurate. Because of Brain Freeze it's still able to slow and freeze with crits, and your Clone is quite effective at this as well. It easily allows you to crit freeze shielded Maliwan Heavies from a reasonable save distance that would otherwise waste your Shotgun ammo. I'd advice this gun to almost anyone, regardless of what they're playing, it's simply such a great gun. If you haven't already, give it a try next you find one. "Atlas, state of the art"

Cold Warrior Class Mod: While not essential, this Legendary class mod is simply nice to have. It gives frozen enemies a random elemental effect and since that's all we're doing, this works great. The skills it's able to boost are all useful for this build, so none will go wasted. But, you might want to switch it for an Epic one, should you find one with better stats.

Relic: Whatever gives you the best boosts really. Look for anything that improves Cryo Damage, Cryo Efficiency, Shield Recharge Delay or things that otherwise improve damage. Like increased damage to your manufacturer or Area of Effect should you use Splash weapons. I currently use an Ice Breaker for extra damage against frozen enemies, which is nice but obviously doesn't effect most bosses. Having it on White Elephant is obviously pretty pointless for this build and it would be lot better to have Ice Breaker (or perhaps a Elemental Projector) on an Otto Idol instead. Another option would be a Snow Drift relic, as the increased Slide Speed would make it easier to move your Clone and Barrier around.

Other: I obviously advice to carry a secondary Cryo weapon, whatever works for you. Personally I have a Binary Westerngun due to the high Cryo efficiency on Maliwan Weapons, it having splash and how easy it is to obtain. Then a Launcher or Sniper, something to drop a load of damage at once that doesn't waste any of your Shotgun ammo. For this I use Ruby's Wrath myself. Great damage output, while very chill on ammo compared to most other Launchers. As earlier mentioned you should aim for a shield that's fast to fill up. That said, I'm currently using a Resonant Back Ham as I feel it's effects are enough to outweigh the slightly longer charge time. And finally, a self targeting grenade as most other grenades you trigger don't always land on a target. Cryo Hex would probably be great, but haven't managed to find one yet.

Anointments: Sadly standard Anointments have little to offer us here, as they all go into effect 'On action skill end', which ideally doesn't happen. As for Operative specific ones, for weapons 'After swapping places with Digi-Clone - 75% increased weapon damage' would probably your best option. With 'While Digi-Clone is active - Regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second' being your next best thing. For shields 'While Digi-Clone is active - Regenerate 3% max health per second' is your only option but would certainly help with Skill upkeep.

Gear I'd like to try:

(all in Cryo, obviously.)


  • Can do MH3, as long as you watch your modifiers.
  • Cozy igloo can actually fit more, so do bring your friends!
  • No ASMR video comes close to the satisfaction of hearing your enemies shatter.
  • Decent damage, from your Clone, skills and shield being up and by firing trough the Barrier.
  • Frozen enemies don't shoot back. That's a fact!


  • Takes some time getting used to moving your Barrier and Clone around.
  • Sometimes can't see shit. Especially when carrying the Barrier.
  • Not ideal against bosses with little to no adds.
  • Might have to retreat for a moment should you fail to keep your skills active.


This is an interesting angle, I've been trying to do the same thing with SNTL and enough damage (melee, grenades, ghosts) gets through a personal shield that I always end up running away to regen mid battle. I'll give it a shot!

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