Frigid Death Fl4k

Fl4k build by xTheMonster4x updated 1 week ago
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This is a Cryo Terror Rakk Fl4k build made for the Maliwan Takedown. But also can be used in any situation through the game. One of highest dps/durability combo Fl4k that I have found. Also, this build is modifier proof. No need to farm for good modifiers. *UPDATE- made it to wotan on mayehm4 solo. Was unable to beat him. Beat it on mayhem 3 with no problem. Ive been running this build through the rest of the game(story/side quests) and it still holds up great.


I made this build with the takedown in mind. Wanted a Fl4k that deal high dps AND have high survivability. I believe this is it. Being Cryo based it will be very strong against armor and robots. I give credit to Saywhat4118. The core of the build is very similar, and is where I got my inspiration to use a Deathless artifact on Fl4k. WARNING: This is an endgame build geared towards the Maliwan Takedown. It is quite gear specific, which is not all easily obtained.

Required Gear

-Stalker- The main gun of this build. With a high cryo efficiency and triple the projectiles while terrified. This gun will shred through almost any enemy. If you can get a hold of one with anointment that greatly benefit as well.

-Transformer with ammo Regen- with snipers being the focus of this build, need to be able to even ammo. And Transformer has high durability and allows for self healing (shock tediore chuck)

-Grenade with apply Terror- to trigger ammo Regen. And being able to throw rakks almost constantly you will allows have terror up.

-Friend-Bot COM- allows pet to stay alive, which inturn keeps you alive.(Shared Spirit) Having 4/5 in Barbaric Yawp will hugely boost the dps in this build

-Ice Breaker Deathless-This gives a huge dmg boost to the stalker. Stalker has a high Cryo efficiency (freezes almost any enemy in 1 or 2 shots). Other Deathless artifacts will work. But for this particular build, ice breaker seems to be best.

Recommend Gear

Lyudas- for obvious reason, this will be the main boss killer. Pairing with Sellout and Elemental Projecter would be ideal.

-Shock MIRV/homing Tediore gun- can be shotgun/pistol/smg. Will be used for healing Shields. And can be helpful for second winds. * This isn't required. After alot of testing. It can help in super dense areas. But if you go down you can almost always get back up. But if you want to avoid going down at all, it helps.

-Cryo Hex- helps to freeze enemies, which increased dps with ice breaker

-Cryo crossroads, nighthawkin, Maggie, Brainstormer, Fearmonger. All great guns that work great with this build. And will help with around modifiers.

Artifact/COM- it is very beneficial to have +% mag size. Since snipers are the focus, and they chew through ammo. Having high mag size allows for better ammo Regen

Skill Tree

This build is specced into the Hunter(red) and Master(blue) tree. Damage from Red and Durability from Blue. Fairly straight forard. But she highlights. LNT-Helps with ammo Regen. Hunter eye- mainly for takedown. Can be moved to other skills outside of that. Cryo Rakks- can help slow and freeze enemies. But rakk attack is primarily used to activate anointments and terror He Bites- it was brought to my attention that this skill procs frenzy. Good to put 1 point here to move down the tree Shared Spirit- most important skill in blue tree. Gives 50% dmg reduction while at low health. (Deathless) Great Horned Skag-Gun dmg/dmg-hugely boosted by a COM with bonus barbaric yawp. Mutated Defense- gives pet more durability, as long as your pet is alive you should be as well.



Slaughter Star 3000(Slightly Positive Modifiers?)

Slaughter Shaft(Bad modifiers)

Bossing(All negative modifiers. No EP/Sellout)

Maliwan Takedown

Gameplay coming

Final Notes

While this build is focused on snipers and cryo. The core of the build is solid and gear can be switched around for any modifiers. Feel free to comment, critique, and ask any questions.


What style is it?, run and gun or stay back

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