That one was talking SHIT! FL4K - PET BUILD

Fl4k build by Kryszer updated 1 year ago
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Hello everyone, consider how we have to deal with our sweet pets for now on TVHM M3 I came up with pretty damn support/damage build around your best doggo. Performance is really damn good have to say, but you need atleast 2-3 items besides right skill tree.

  1. Any meta weapon you really like with radiation, for example: lucian's call or shrediffier.
  2. Artifact with bonus to radiation aura.
  3. Weapon with "Gamma Burst" perk.

Here is my gear I'm currently using (so you can follow what to look for):

  • for bosses - equip your hot Lyuda and kill them, dont waste my time! I tested it out with Slauthers, Proving Grounds, TVHM M3 Campaign gameplay etc. It works really good to be honest and in my opinion its the best way to play your pet build if you like this kind of fun. Focusing on you/buffing yourself a bit more than your pet but making your pet alive with hp regen and AOE dmg is the way to go since even with full dmg on pet - its not going to work. This on the other hand is most effective. I hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any questions feel free to comment here so I can put more depths into some aspects of the build or pm me on discord: kryszer#3754 Have a great hunt Vault Hunters!

1st. edit

  • change some skill points,
  • change eridian skag to horned one


I personally would take points out of hidden machine and sic em and put them into furious attack, much more consistent damage output and super easy to stack.

Waffle - I thought about that and "Rage and Recover" works half of the time. Sometimes it is very useful, sometimes don't. Depends on situation. Gonna take your advice for sure and test out more with damage share with my pet. Thanks!

Rage and Recover is wasted points, go for damage reduction by splitting with pet, you can literally facetank TVHM M3 in the slaughter shaft.

Eyeinthesky89 - I'm on PC, maybe try invite me on EPIC, my IGN is Kryszer. Make an account and add my to friend list.

Hey I tried joining the discord chat and couldn't. I had a question about this build. Are you on PS4?

Myprism - every single boss gonna be oke to fight against. build does really well with long fights in terms of bosses, like Troy, Rampager etc. - you're relativly tanky + your hp regen is nuts. you manage just fine against every boss in the game.

Any bosses this work particularly well against?

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