Fl4k Fade Away/R4kk Attack Hybrid Build

Fl4k build by robmwj updated 8 months ago
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I've done a lot of tweaking to this build, and I think it is by far one of the best Fl4k builds out there for its versatility and damage output. I will outline some of the key skill choices as well as gear below:


  1. Fade Away - Dealer's choice. the beauty of fade away lies in the ability to always score crits with your action skill, so really pick the fun you like the most. Because I don't put any points in persistence hunter fade away is a little shorter, so I tend to go with high fire rate guns to maximize my damage output.

  2. R4kk Attack - This works best with anointed guns. Fl4k's best anointments seem to revolve around R4kk Attack (+100% damage to enemies hurt by R4kk Attack, +25% critical hit damage after using R4kk, attack) and the best general anointment (+100% on action skill end) is really useful in this build as well as you shouldn't need to wait for the R4kk Charges to cool down for very long, if at all. Basically, you can use your rakk's to never have your gun damage at less than +100%


  • The usual - Transformer, stop gap, recharger, back ham. Ideally your shield will give you an extra charge of R4kk Attack so that you can be more liberal with using R4kk's if you want to switch to that play style. The nova on fade away end is also good for the fade away build, but since you may not be close enough to enemies when using fade away to utilize it I don't find it as useful/necessary as the extra R4kk charge anointment.


  • Same as shields - pick your favorite grenade, ideally it has a R4kk Attack charge anointment. If you get that anointment for your shield then its not as necessary on the grenade, and vice versa. Really 4 R4kk charges is always enough for me and I can focus on finding other useful anointments (such as the new buff to damage on grenade thrown anointment) on my other piece of equipment.


  • Im using a Last Stand Otto Idol, which gives me temporary invulnerability below 50% health and Restores health on kill. I think that this is the most useful as it helps with survivability. Feel free to opt for a damage base artifact like Grave or an Elemental projector if you run a Red Suit or Transformer shield. Ideally the artifact should also have a cooldown reduction perk (particularly useful for Fade Away option) as well as any other perks you find useful for your gun choices.

Class Mod: You have two (maybe three) options for class mods.

  1. Bounty Hunter - My absolute favorite. great perks for fighting bosses and mobs. Try to get as many points in "Most Dangerous Game" as possible. MDG is the main skill in this build, since Big Game gives +30% to the skill, and each point in MDG will give you +8% gund damage, +3% critical hit damage, and bonus handling. Ideally the mod you have will give +3 to MDG (the max you can get with the class mod since MDG has a base 3 points) with the other two points distributed in whatever way you prefer.

  2. Cosmic Stalker - Also useful, with the downside that you can't proc your hunter skills on any gun damage dealt. However, its great for mobbing since it gives points to Big Game and Interplanetary stalker. Once you get MDG and Interplanetary stalker proc'd from kills they last a ridiculously long time. I'd aim for +3 or more to interplanetary stalker, with at least +1 to Big Game. If you choose this as your primary it may be good to have a bounty hunter mod with points in Hunter's eye to help with bosses, since depending on the boss (ie graveward) you wont be able to proc your kill skills frequently and this limits your damage.

  3. De4deye - My least favorite of the three, but still potentially useful. The +Damage while enemies are above 75% health is at least useful when first attacking an enemy, plus points in Fast and Furryous and Two F4ng provide some utility.

Skill Choices:

  • The crux of the build is, in my opinion, interplanetary stalker and most dangerous game. Depending on the class mod you use you can get some crazy gun damage bonuses that last for a long time. Bounty hunter with +3 to Most Dangerous Game (MDG) will give you 65 PERCENT DAMAGE INCREASE for 4 MINUTES (25% base +25% from class mod +15% increase from Big Game's effect on MDG). With cosmic stalker +3 on Interplanetary stalker gives you 62% damage increase if you have all 3 stacks, and if the class mod gives points to Big Game you can increase this duration to the point that you can carry three stacks for a reasonable amount of time.

  • I add points to All My BFF's and Rage and Recover to help with survivability for myself and my pet. It allows me to be a little less careful with my positioning and ensures that my pet doesn't die immediately and is alive to revive me (thanks to Lick the Wounds) in case I get downed. You could move these points in to other skills if you'd like, but it makes it a little more of a glass cannon build. Could use these points for Persistence Hunter to increase Fade Away's duration and get a little more gun damage.

  • I have one point in Hidden Machine, but this could go anywhere. Hidden Machine is mostly useless if you swap to R4kk Attack on solo mode, since enemies are almost certainly targeting you. If you really like hidden machine you could take the points I mention above and add them here, but I think its less useful overall.

Skills: R4kk Build

  1. R4kkcelerate- Great for keeping your charges up, so that you can continue to proc your gun damage anointments and tear through enemies
  2. Falconer's Feast, Flock N'Load- Either works. Falconer's feast is great if you want to take the health regen points in the stalker tree and put them toward's something else. Flock N'Load is great because it means that the action skill does some damage so it is more than just a way to proc your gun anointments.

Fade Away Build

  1. Guerrillas in The Mist - Its your standard F4de Away build
  2. Unblinking Eye - Again, its fade away, if it ain't broke dont fix it.


  • I choose either the SpiderAnt Scorcher (+Elemental Damage, +Health regen) or the Gunslinger Jabber (+Movement speed, +Crit damage). Both just push damage a little higher and help with survivability. Gunslinger jabber is probably a little better for proc'ing Frenzy (if your bounty hunter class mod has a point in that) since it can shoot from a distance, but I find the Scorchers +10% buff to elemental damage is more consistent and more useful in most scenarios (I'll swap if the M3 modifiers force me to swap off elemental guns).


Mobbing, bosses, trials, and circles of slaughter. The versatility means that you can really work with any M3 modifiers as well.

Let me know what you think! Im happy to take suggestions and test things out, as I think this build is near perfect in terms of versatility. Also with the level cap increase I think this build will be set up really nicely to be even better


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