Zane Leveling - focus on Clone, SNTNL and movement speed

Zane build by DarkDexter80 updated 6 months ago
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Zane Leveling Build for my Playthrough with Zane. I mostly use it to play in single player and want to enjoy the story without interruption.

Build Order

I tried to list and explain things here in order. Hope it makes sense.

Level 3 - 12

  • (H) Violent Momentum - 5p
  • (H) Violent Speed - 5p or
  • (DA) Synchronicity - 5p (to get the Drone and the Clone early game. You can choose which you want to go first, but get them both to 5 points when you reach level 16)

Level 13 - 17

  • (H) Cool Hand - 5p (or if you die a lot go for: (H) Salvation - 5p (more survivability with increased health generation))
  • (H) Winter's Drone for your first Drone modifier

Salvation is not used in the final version of the build. You can use it for a while if you have problems. Do some side quests to gain a level advantage over your enemies to use the points somewhere else then.

Level 18 - 23

  • (H) Death Follows Close (1p)
  • (H) Violent Violence (5p)

For the drone we can now use all available modifications. I went for Bad Dose which weakens enemies and buffs yourself. Or if you do not have a frost weapon, stick with the Winter's Drone mod. Also Almighty Ordnance is really helpful, but needs some training. It resets the timeer of the your SNTNL and haveing a drone always up is nice, isn't it?

Level 24 - 33

  • (DA) Donnybrook - 5p (increase dmg and health regen) (also affected by (H) Death Follows Close)
  • (optional) (DA) Quick Breather (only if you really want it)
  • (while leveling) (DA) Praemunitus - 3p (bigger Magazines mean more Dmg before reloading)
  • (while leveling) (DA) Borrowed Time - 2p (more Action Skill Time) (you can put 1 p here and 1p into (DA) Quick Breather if you want to split)

DigiClone mod is Binary System

Level 34 - 42

  • (DA) Supersonic Man - 3p (more running speed means more Dmg to take advantage of (H) Violent Momentum)
  • (DA) OLD-U (when Digiclone is active gives you Second Wind while destroying your clone)

The DigiClone Mods are not super important. Choose what you like. I recommend (DA) Schadenfreude to recharge your shield during the leveling phase. (DA) Which one's real is not recommend because when the enemy targets your clone it might get killed fast and then (DA) Synchronicity is not applied and also (DA) Supersonic Man is not that good. And you want to have these up and running as long as possible.

  • (DA) Borrowed Time - 4p to unlock the lower tier skills
  • (DA) Boom. Enhance. - 1p (we are not throwing grenades by our self, but having them to make the Digi Clone more powerful)

Level 43 - 48

  • (DA) Borrowed Time - 5p (last point to get further down)
  • (DA) OLD-U - 1p (unlock it now to get even further down) But basicly it is up to you what you want to use here.

recommendations are but are totally up to you (choose only two)

  • (DA) Fractal Frags - 1p
  • or (DA) Pocket Full of Grenades -1p
  • or (DA) Duct Tape Mod 1p

Level 49 - 50

  • (DA) Doube Barrel - 1p (Your clone gets a clone of your gun)
  • (H) Good Misfortune - 1p (for some extra skill time)

Items while Leveling

  • ClassMod: try to find one that increase movement speed and weapon damage. Even better when you hava a class mode that increase damage and movement speed the lower the shield is
  • Shield: use what ever suits your needs. At max level, you might want to use the legendary shield "Rough RIder" with 0 shield in combination with the above mentioned class mod.
  • Relic: use what suites your needs, as will be unlocked very late in the game. BUt when you can, you might want to look for a movement speed andw weapon damage enhancement. maybe also enhances dmg against frozen enemies


  • SMG: Arctic- Night Hawkin (Frost)

  • AR: Lucians Call (Frost) Sniper: (Ruthless) Lyudo

  • Grenade: e.g. Porcelain Pipe BOmb: Radiatoin Damage (or what you have) - It is a reward for a Side Quest before Graveyard

Update: 2019-12-13

  • re calculated level ranges


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