AMPLIFLAK | Offensive Support Rakk Attack Build Guide

Fl4k build by Dawhveed updated 1 year ago
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  • Date Created: 12/06/2019

  • Category: Mobbing and Bossing. Swap weapons accordingly, great for co-op play

  • Mayhem level: 4

  • Summary: This build is a great party offensive support option for FL4K where you are not the main dps on your team, but instead you enable your team to put out MASSIVE amounts of damage through the use of your rakk attack and grenade mod.

  • TL;DR Video Link:

  • The video is a full in depth build guide alongside TVHM Mayhem 4 Takedown Gameplay. Tediore chuck the like button and sub button if you enjoy it, this build and my other builds all take time to think up and hours and hours of trial and error.

In Depth Guidelines

  • Skill Tree:

  • Skills: Hunter + Stalker Tree

  • Required:

  • Megavore + Leave no Trace/Head count = Crits reduce your ASC and you want to be Rakk Spamming. Leave no Trace makes it more efficient

  • Galactic Shadow = you are not very tanky and you want to be alive as much as possible, this just helps ensure that.

  • Rakkcelerate Augment = Gives you an extra Rakk Charge and ASC

  • Self-Repairing System = Gives you some tankiness and more importantly HP Regen

  • All my BFFs = This build stacks HP Regen, this skill gives your allies a good portion of that HP Regen

  • Alternative options:

  • Flock ‘n Load = I use Falconer’s Feast because it helps for when I get hit by a stray shot, but this skill helps spread your Rakks around more reliably and do more dmg.

  • Big Game + The Most Dangerous Game = If you want to go more DPS/Crit oriented with your Hunter Skills, i.e. less supporty more killy

  • Furious Attack + Overclocked = These two can help boost your dps by a large amount, in exchange for making you a glass cannon and foregoing the hp regen.

  • Beefcake Jabber = I like to use this when I am in a party with 2 or 3 people using deathless, the hp regen that the spiderant gives me isn’t as important then and the movement speed and extra hp from the jabber helps a ton.

  • Gear:

  • Weapon = Any Rakk Attack 100%, I use the Brainstormer because brainstormer and Megavore is megacrazy, it crits like a madman and gives you ammo back and ASC. If the enemy is alone I like to use the infinity to get my Rakk Attack quickly or just Maggie it down.

  • Shield = Transformer with ASE CDR, this applies the Cooldown reduction immediately after the Rakk Attack so you have the charges quicker. Also you can laugh in the face of the Takedown Stormchuckers while you two tickle each other with your Brainstormer.

  • Mod = Rakk Pak, ideally one with +3 at least in Pack Tactics but points in head count are fine too. ASC is probably the best stat you can find on one of these for this build.

  • Grenade = It’s Piss with Regen. You spamm rakks so you can spam this. Amplifies damage ON TOP of the Rakk Attack Anointment.

  • Artifact = Cutpurse, I use this mainly since I like to play the support role. Once my team runs out of ammo I have them yell for me so I can swap to my Facepuncher and shoot it off. If I play solo a snowdrift with ASC and Movement speed works

  • Alternative options - Weapons you really want to use the anointment if you want to keep the core of the build, other notable guns with Megavore are Kill O The Wisp and Lucians Call. Elemental ASE Shields work here too, I even used a Rough Rider and with the passive HP regen and Healing from the Rakks I stayed alive fairly well. -** Gameplay**: HERE IT IS, THE JUICY PART. With this build, you are basically the catalyst to your team doing FAT amounts of damage, FAT AMOUNTS. For mobbing, you want to primarily be spamming Rakks so every single enemy gets hit by those darn things, multiple times even. When you’re feeling frisky, throw in a grenade or two… or 10 because you’re spamming so many Rakks that you have virtually infinite nades. If you have no more Rakks left, shoot off your Brainstormer and you’ll have plenty more Rakks to toss out pretty soon. When it comes to bossing, just make sure you are staying alive and applying Rakk Attack and Piss debuffs to the boss so your team can melt it down ASAP. If the adds are becoming a threat just rakk attack them and nade them and shoot off your Brainstormer. Once you feel you’re comfortable enough to not die for a few seconds and you already debuffed the boss you can use your maggie and fire away to deal some damage of your own.

  • My order of doing things

  • 1. Rakk Attack first, it spreads it around quickly or the following damage, and you can’t really doing anything but move during this animation.

  • 2. Shoot your brainstormer off while simultaneously throwing nades, you can do these two at the same time so fire away!

  • 3. If you’re down to one enemy after killing the rest of the mob, just switch to the infinity and unload with rakks then hold down the trigger while throwing nades.

  • Credit: I don’t watch many other YouTuber’s videos, I mainly theorycraft and test things on my own without prior knowledge, so as far as I know, this It’s Piss + Rakk Attack offensive support thing was my idea. Although, I do like giving credit where credit is due, so if you see someone with an offensive supporty build like this before me let me know, otherwise enjoy my creation! <3


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