Explosions and Infinite Ammo= Good

Moze build by derpasaur updated 1 year ago
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If you like grenades, the flakker, and infinite ammo with almost any gun, then this build will be fun for you! The points synergize well with splash damage, let you heal with grenades like the Hex, and let you spam flakker/ butcher/ lucians call, and the like with practically no need for reloads. It's the best of both worlds!


Recommended Class Mods:


Bloodletter is great for staying alive through insane synergy with Hex grenades and the vampyr skill.

Blast Master is super fun with flakker and grenades in general.


Blazing Marksman is insane because of the +4 to Scorching rpms, putting you at +9 on the skill which is +27% fire rate and +36% crit damage.

Recommended weapons:

Mobbing Guns-

Flakker- I like non elemental since you do incendiary anyways and it has higher base damage

Lucians Call/ Faisor/ Shreddifier- super fun to just spray bullets infinitely at heads

Butcher- I carry a shock butcher for stuff with shields or Guardians, it shreds and synergizes greatly with infinite ammo skills


MIRV or Mitosis Hex can do the trick, Recurring Hex is the best since it does both though- grenade is great for dealing damage, great for healing with vampyr, and is all around just good.

Bossing Weapons-

Flakker/ Butcher- Still does great against bosses

Lyuda- Strong all around, does well with ammo regen and scorching rpms.

But the bread and butter combo for this build which I use for oneshotting Graveward and other bosses without invulnerability is a good old Torgue Launcher.

Requirements for the torgue launcher:

  • increase damage with stuck gyrojets (anywhere from 33-75%, more is better)
  • preferrably has x2 on the projectiles (effectively doubles your damage, doubles the stacking of gyrojets as well so 33% with a x2 is actually 66%)
  • preferrably has a fire rate above 1/s (the higher the better for stacking stickies, but you can make do with a 0.7/s if it has really high damage and x2)
  • and lastly, an Unforgiven pistol in the next slot over (the 430% crit damage affects your rockets when you swap to it instead of reloading to detonate)


For Graveward specifically (who is the current farm target for most builds), you want to have the Torgue launcher (in sticky mode, it resets to impact everytime you savequit) and Unforgiven in adjacent slots (so that switching wepaons once will blow up your stickies while having an unforgiven in hand). Start the fight, jump to not fall off, dodge the bubbles, and hop in Iron bear as the platform is lowered down. MAKE SURE NOT TO JUMP BEOFRE DOING SO, as you'll fall through the map. ALSO make sure not to exit your mech the moment GW's fist hits the platform, as you will also fall through the map when that happens. Your next step is to exit the mech before or after his fist hits the platform, and start spamming stick rockets at his crit spot, the large yellow orb (due to some for the road, you'll have infinite ammo for 5 seconds) then switch to the Unforgiven right before you reload, blowing up all the stickies but also slapping on the 430% crit multiplier. Then just watch GW's health disappear!


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