Master Blaster Moze | God Like mob killer

Moze build by CrawmeraxPrime updated 4 months ago
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This build was created with Gunzerker in mind, I had a similar build where all I would use is explosives and clear mobs incredibly easily in BL2.

This is a tanky and great DPS build if you utilize all of your tools effectively!

Class Mod Blood Sucking Charitable Blast Master - If you're just starting out, any random roll will do, but if you are looking to Min-Max; I'd recommend farming for one with Splash DMG Radius, +X% Splash DMG, AoE DMG, or Heavy Weapon DMG, 3rd roll should be personal preference. Mine for example has Splash DMG Radius, Splash DMG, and Shield Recharge Delay. But like I said before, a decent one will do a good job at clearing mobs.

Artifact This is pure preference, there are 3 good ones I can recommend.

Grenadier Ice Breaker - This artifact is perfect when combined with Cryo Hex grenade mod, it adds +50% Cryo Efficiency as well as +35% DMG to Frozen Targets! Reason I say to get Grenadier Prefix is because it adds 30% more Grenade DMG

Victory Rush - Kill a Badass to trigger Victory Rush. +18% Movement Speed and Damage, 60 Second Duration. This is a great one as you're clearing mobs and a badass in Mayhem 3 is pretty common, you will have that DMG buff as well as Movement Speed Increase almost all the time.

Splatter Gun - Deal 50% more Shotgun DMG while sliding. This goes great with Torgue Shotguns, including Flakker which will make the gun even more powerful than it already is.

Shield This is mandatory, you will need the Transformer shield. The shield is incredibly efficient at keeping you alive and withstanding all that Splash DMG coming from your weapons. Pair this with a powerful Shock Launcher or Shock Grenade mod and your shield will always be up. If you have a Shock gun, just look at the floor and shoot your feet when shields are low, you'll be right back up in no time!

Grenade Mod You can use one of these two, Hex Grenades or Storm Front. Both of these are great for getting you that extra grenade from Means of Destruction skill. Like I said before, pairing Cryo Hex with Ice Breaker will be a huge benefit to you!

Guns EXPLOSIVES!!! Literally anything that shoots a projectile with a good magazine size will do for this build. Keep a Flakker on hand for Badass Elite Melting and at least a Torgue Rocket Launcher to clear an entire room in seconds.

I personally use: Flakker (Shotgun) Hedgehog (Launcher) Devil's Foursome (Pistol) Ogre (Assault Rifle)

Just SPAM nades and shoot like there is no tomorrow!


You could do 30% more dmg over the skill tree without losing something

Build can be seen in action here!

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