Endless Protection

Zane build by morchan256 updated 11 months ago
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Zane is in a pretty weird spot as of making this build. He has no real niche in terms of DPS due to lack of gimmicks i.e infinite crit/infinite nade + explosive damage. But what he lacks in damage he makes up for in survivability.


Skills I'll only be going over skills that I think are critical to the build, so skills I don't mention probably don't need to be spec'd in exactly like I did.

  1. Barrier

All-Rounder + Deterrence Field/ Nanites or Some Shite

All-Rounder is an obvious choice since you want full protection when equipping it as a personal shield. Deterrence Field is a good solo choice since there will be a lot of moments where you get overwhelmed and just running into annointed/badass enemies will stagger them for a bit giving you breathing room.

Nanites or Some Shit is just straight health regen, in groups you probably want this for your teammates. But also good solo if you value health regen that much.

  1. SNTNL / Grenade Mod

Winter's Drone + Bad Dose

When offline exploit farming, use a grenade, its way easier that way.

Otherwise, Winter's Drone is just extra chance to proc your cool down resets from Calm, Cool, Collected

Bad Dose is just movespeed + irradiation. Win-win.

Gear This two most important parts of this build are shields + cryo. I would recommend two options for shields:

  1. Rough Rider (Any Variant)
  2. Recharger (Druidic)

The rough rider works as since its base capacity is 0, all buffs that scale off of empty shields are procc'd. But the main reason is that since it also counts as being full, your barrier to entry to activate Calm, Cool, Collected is lowered by one stage. So as long as your health is full, you should constantly be resetting durations/cooldowns.

Rechargers instantly replenish your shield when it breaks so that's an excellent effect, and the Druidic prefix adds a 5% health regen after action skill ends which is just added security.

In terms of Guns there are a lot of options, nothing is definitively set in stone right now. Ideally you would want any legendary with cryo.

  • Night Hawkin
  • Rowan's Call (cryo)
  • Bitch (cryo)
  • Crossroads (cryo)

For other elements like corrosive,shock, and fire, find any legendary with any element that works. Since we're only a month into release, most legendaries still carry a lot of weight with them.

For class mod, The Executor legendary has a great crit buff kill skill that it comes with and synergizes with the blue tree the most.

Right now, the Hex is the best grenade in the game, look for a cryo MIRV Hex, specifically MIRV since those split into 3 child grenades.

For Artifacts, look for victory rush, as that one procs buffs off of killing badass class enemies. Good for CoS.


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