Gunboy FL4K - MH4 Fade Away Revised 3Shot/Guerrillas

Fl4k build by Ratore updated 3 days ago
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  • For normal Fade, you can use any augment combination. If bossing, always run Unblinking Eye. Not My Circus is powerful when looped. Until You Are Dead is great in general.
  • For Guerrillas, always run Unblinking Eye. You can maybe get away with others, but it's at the cost of significant damage.


  • Two F4ng: Mostly useful for single/few/unlisted pellet weapons. If you want it, use the two points from Grim Harvest + three from Hunter's Eye;
  • Pet: Preference.
  • You can use any augment combination. If bossing, Unblinking Eye is recommended. Not My Circus is very powerful when looped. Until You Are Dead is great in general.
  • The Normal, non-guerrillas Fade Away is recommended the most for almost every situation. It gives you better control, survivability and anointment uptime. You can experiment to your liking, of course;
  • If you want more Fade duration, use the two points from Fast & Furryous on Persistence Hunter;
  • Leave No Trace points can be experimented with depending on your weapon loadout and proc rate;
  • Grim Harvest points can be used elsewhere;
  • The points in Self-Repairing System and/or BFFs can be used elsewhere.


  • Try to loop anointments into your next Fade by using high pellet count/hit rate weapons for cooldown fishing. The same applies to skill augments;
  • You can pick what weapon you'll trigger anoints for on the last shot/seconds;
  • Hunter-Seeker grenade: Helps LNT + Headcount fishing, and also stacks Furious Attack. Very helpful for Rocket Launchers and slower weapons in general;
  • Always aim for crits, but also know Fade Away bodyshots can proc Megavore;



  • Stagecoach (up to x25): Mobbing. High damage Fade looper. Good bossing too;
  • Brainstormer: Being a Megavore build, this gets used extremely well. Very high AoE clear, insane LNT + Headcount proc rate;
  • Torgue Bangstick shotguns (up to x18): Bossing, mobbing, enemy deleting;
  • Ion cannon, Torgue Hedgehog/Quickie Rocket Launchers: Extremely powerful bossing, enemy deleting and potential area damage;
  • Other good main choices: Recursion, Lump, Scourge, Nukem, Call Weapons, Maggie, Redistributor, Dictator, Lyuda, Bekah, Headsplosion.

Weapon Anointments

  • - 125% Splash for weapons that are Splash, 100% ASE/Next 2 Mags for the rest.


  • Stop-Gap, Transformer, Rico, All-in, Re-Charger. 0.m/Rerouter can be useful against bosses (beware that Amp only applies to a single pellet, so it will be mostly useless for high pellet count weapons).
  • Anointment: 50% Elemental Damage on ASE.


  • Mitosis/Cloning Hunter Seeker, Recurring/Mirvtacular Hex, It's Piss;
  • Anointment: 50% Elemental Damage on ASE.

Class mods

  • Bounty Hunter, +3 Dangerous Game +2 Hunter's Eye/Frenzy: Great mobbing, excellent bossing;
  • St4ckbot, +3 Pack Tactics +2 Furryous: Apart from its bugs/problems regarding resets, it works decently for shotgun spam + fade looping;
  • Thrillbot, +3 Dangerous Game +2 Big Game/Hidden Machine: Great and competitive alternative. It's only held back by the fact its stat rolls are limited to two, since it's a purple;
  • Cosmic Stalker, +3 Big Game +2 Interp. Stalker: Current bugs prevent this from shining the way it should. Keep them if you find good ones.


  • Prefix: Last Stand, Snowdrift, Cutpurse, Ice Breaker;
  • Suffix: Victory Rush/Otto Idol/Splatter Gun.

You can slide after your Bangstick stickies start exploding for extra damage when using Splatter Gun. In all other scenarios it's kinda annoying to use but feel free to try it out.

Good Stat Rolls for COM + Artifact: Weapon Type Damage, Manufacturer Crit, Magazine Size, Weapon Damage, Weapon Crit, Area (Splash) Damage, Elemental Damage, Health Regen, Damage Reduction/Elemental Resistance, Shield Delay/Recharge.

Have Fun :)


Hellwalker fell off super hard on MH4. Stagecoach can get up to x25 pellets, meaning 25 chances at a Megavore + Synergies procs and also overall much higher damage. It was always better, just harder to find.

Why the Stagecoach over the Hellwalker?

@Mission-King yea the bangstick crit swap in this set up does a lot of work. One of my favorite combos for bossing

You should try a Trick Unforgiven with a Bangstick, it's crazy.

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