Dirty Bomb Moze [M4]

Moze build by Silthous updated 7 months ago
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This is a Mayhem 4 Moze build using the new Green Monster Class mod with 2 points into Scorching RPM, and 3 points into The Iron Bank.


In functionality this works very similarly if not identically to a blast-master Moze build. You rely on a good MIRV grenade like the Maddening Tracker or the Cloning Ghast Call for sustain, as well as ammo return. With a basic game plan of holding down your fire button, and never letting go.

Weapons and Equipment I use for this build are:

1. The Ogre

With an enormous magazine, solid weapon damage, and a great proc rate on Means of Destruction, The Ogre is my go to mobbing weapon. With this build you'll be dealing a good amount of fire damage thanks to the explosions, and corrosive damage thanks to the class mods. Most enemies will crumble to an Ogre that's had some time to spin up.

2. & 3. The Laser-Sploder

With our extra points in The Iron Bank as well as our points spent in Matched Set our Laser-Sploders have the mag size and ammo regen to get some work done. I carry two different elements of Laser-Sploder, one shock and one corrosive. The shock Laser-Sploder is for dealing with shields, since this build can struggle with them. The corrosive Laser-Sploder is for pure armor enemies, however if you are not encountering a lot of armor enemies, you can use a fire damage Laser-Sploder instead.

4. Potent Quickie

The Quickie is our unique mob, boss, and general pain-in-the-ass solution. Just hop into and then out of iron bear, hold down left click in sticky mode thanks to the infinite ammo from Some For The Road, and then revel in satisfaction as your problems explode into a shower of giblets and loot.

5. Maddening Tracker

This is the grenade mod that allows none Tediore moze builds to function in my opinion. It is one of the most tedious things to grind for, since all you're doing is accosting merchants and Earl until you find one. But without this grenade or a grenade like it, your survivability is really going to struggle.

6. Stop Gap

The process is called living, and that is exactly why I have chosen this shield, to live! However, other shields like the Transformer or the Re-Charger can also work in this slot. Long story short, pick whatever shield you trust in to keep you going.

7. Green Monster class mod

Obviously we're using the class mod this guide is built for. I mean you could probably use Blast Master and have just as good a build if not better… but where's the fun in that right? Right!?

8. Last Stand Otto Idol

The Otto Idol is the best relic for this, but any Last Stand relic will do. That period of invulnerability before death gives you the chance to heal up with your grenades, with the Otto Idol variant providing even more sustain.

I've been using this build for a few days now and have been having a great time with it. I haven't tested it out in the raid but for anyone brave enough to enter the Maliwan Takedown without a backpack full of throwing guns let me know how it goes for you! If you use this build and find changes in either talents or gear that you think makes it better feel free to leave a comment!


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