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Amara build by Xeth updated 2 weeks ago
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Credits to Twixled from the Gearbox Borderlands 3 forums, as this is basically his idea. This is a build that takes advantage of elemental damage. I have two 'builds' using the same skill allocations, but with different gearsets. The first one does good damage, but also has group utility such as CC/support heals/aoe damage. The second one is for pure damage, mainly for boss killing, but can also be used in other content.


The skill build is exactly the one depicted on this post. You need different elemental weapons for the different enemies health bars.

HOW IT WORKS: The build revolves around the Phasezerker class mod, and Ties That Bind. The link damage from Ties That Bind is affected by Do Harm, so with a phasezerker, you build Do Harm stacks everytime you use your low cooldown(because of phasezerker) and twice-usable-per-cooldown (due to Avatar) action skill. You can quickly stack it to 99 by using your action skill while not targetting anything, looking at the ground or at a wall, as the cooldown immediately resets when you do this. TL;DR: build those phasezerker/Do Harm stacks, use your skill on a big group of enemies, shoot, and watch them take increased damage due to Do Harm+Ties that Bind.

Here is a video that uses an older version of the build, but is basically the same: https://youtu.be/f6guZUn3K4A

NOTES: According to the good theorycrafters/testers over at the gearbox BL3 forums, Remnant is only worth 1 point because the damage increase for additional points are minimal, and that majority of the damage comes from overkill damage.

Soul Sap also works with Ties That Bind, so you get tons of healing, and I mean tons.

Also, Alacrity seems to be bugged and not working according to them as well. Not entirely sure if new tests have been done so this info might be updated. It shouldn't really affect the build that much though.


*Hostile Crossroad (Incendiary) - for red bars, awesome SMG

*Stimulating Gratifying Laser-Sploder (shock)- for shields

*Defrauding the Butcher (corrosive) - for armored targets

*4th weapon slot is open, but I use Brainstormer often. It's a shock shotgun that has a chance to arc lightning to nearby targets. It can also arc to targets behind a wall. Awesome for aoe and more link damage.

*Stop-Gap or The Transformer shield - personal preference really, but with the Transformer you can heal your shields by self-inflicted shock damage like grenades

*It's Piss - grenade that inflicts +20% damage taken for 6 seconds to anything it hits

*Phasezerker Class Mod - we all know how good this is

*Elemental Projector Otto Idol - I'm using one with +40% mag size. I'll talk more about this down below


HOW IT WORKS: You use the same skill build, but switch out Ties That Bind for Phasecast (any variant, personal preference). You take advantage of the gun damage increase from Phasezerker/Avatar (25 stacks) and the Elemental Projector Artifacts. Basically, you inflict a status effect on yourself with a grenade, and use a gun with the same element, hit Phasecast, and shoot. More damage boosts if you use anointed guns that give +weapon damage on phasecast. Can also be switched out for Phaseslam if you have an anointed weapon that requires it.


I use the same guns as the first build, except for the fourth one, I use an Anointed Binary Stark Cutsman (Incendiary) that has +250% weapon damage after a Phasecast. I also use a low lvl incendiary grenade to burn myself to trigger that Elemental Projector.

Here is the build in action (vid uses an older skill build but is basically the same): https://youtu.be/_vXmoaTufyM

If anyone is interested in the items used, and is on PC, I can send you copies of them. Just comment which ones you want and leave your EPIC ID and I'll you & send them to you :)


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