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Moze build by The Brentster updated 1 year ago
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A splash damage oriented build that utilizes anointed bonus on action skill end. This is a Mayhem 4 build.


Here is a splash damage build with Moze. This build really shines when you get out of Iron Bear and have the bonus splash damage anointment on your weapon. The end game weapons/items you'll want are the following:

  • Westergun with anointed bonus "After exiting Iron Bear, gain 120% increased Splash damage for 18 seconds." You can also have the anointed bonus "On Action Skill End, Splash Damage is increased by 125% for a short time," however this bonus only lasts for about 13 seconds. For prefixes, I prefer Binary, but you can also do Stark for higher fire rate. You'll want as many different elements of this gun as you can, since this will be your main gun. What's nice about Maliwan weapons is having two elements on one gun. Why is this so nice with this build? Because you lose your anointed bonuses when you switch weapons. Since you have two different elements to utilize, you won't need to switch weapons. I mainly use a Westergun with Fire/Corrosive and let my grenade take care of the shields.
  • Cloning Maddening Tracker with anointed bonus "On Grenade Thrown, Weapon, Grenade, and Action Skill Damage are increased by 25% for 6 seconds." This is a very nice damage boost. Since you'll be dealing a lot of splash damage, you'll be regenerating your grenades with Means of Destruction. Also, with Pull the Holy Pin, your grenades will crit, and you with trigger Redistribution, getting back ammo. Your grenades provide great amounts of healing through Vampyr. Cloning Maddening Tracker will generate a lot of grenades. You can actually farm this at vendors in addition to world drops (However, this is quite rare).
  • Extremophile Re-Charger with anointed bonus "After exiting Iron Bear, gain 75% increased shields and health for 25 seconds." This shield is amazing! It provides a lot of shields through instant recharge on first depletion and works well with the anointed bonus. This variant also has bullet absorb and adaptive element abilities.
  • Master Blaster Class Mod with +1 Redistribution, +2 Pull the Holy Pin, +2 Vampyr. This class mod gives you +100% splash damage when you don't reload for a long time (about 1 minute). This gives you a sustainable magazine through crits on your weapon on grenades with Redistribution and provides additional healing on Vampyr. Your grenades also have a higher crit chance with Pull the Holy Pin. The stat bonuses you'll want are Splash Damage, Weapon Damage, and Weapon Magazine Size.
  • Elemental Projector Victory Rush is an awesome damage boost. You can light yourself on fire (or whatever element you're using) with your splash weapon to trigger the Elemental Projector bonus (don't worry, shooting close to yourself with a couple shots won't kill you). The stat bonuses you'll want are SMG Damage, Magazine Size, and Area-of-Effect Damage.

Of course, these are END GAME items. Other items you can use are:

  • Maliwan Nebulas. They are just like the Westergun, except a little less powerful. They do splash damage and spawn with two different elements. You can use the - Cluster F*ck grenades. These can also generate a lot of grenades. This variant can be on multiple manufacturers.
  • Stop Gap is also a very useful shield. Transformer is always a solid choice.
  • Any relic with elemental projector is good. You'll also really want the stat bonus to Magazine Size.

This build does a lot of damage, even without the Action Skill anointment bonus. You'll want the Vanquisher Rocket Pod with the Target Softening augment. This is a nice 15% damage bonus since it is for all sources of damage. Hope you enjoy!

For the skill choices, here is a little explanation for some of my choices:

  • Drowning in Brass is an awesome damage boost for Moze. Also, it helps you with managing your fire rate and you won't have to worry as much emptying your magazine.
  • Stoke The Embers is a multiplicative bonus and really improves your damage output. You will already be generating incendiary damage through Fire in the Skag Den and Cloud of Lead.
  • Grizzled and Explosive Punctuation are great to help us always have our action skill up when needed. For your action skill, you will activate it and quickly eject from it. This will help you have a low cooldown and Auto Bear will activate. Iron Bear isn't your damage dealer, you are. You are only using Iron Bear for the anoint bonus and Target Softening debuff.

Also note, we aren't using Torgue Cross-Promotion or Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades? Torgue Cross-Promotion is pretty inconsistent and can make it easier to kill yourself with your splash. Also, you don't need more grenades since you will be getting back all the grenades you through through Means of Destruction. You don't just spam grenades with this build. Only use grenades for the anointment bonus, knocking out shield, and recover with Vampyr.

Hope you enjoy the build!

You can look at this forum post to look more into damage calculation for Moze: https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/guide-mozes-gun-damage-formula/3968058 Props to Prismatic for crunching the numbers.


Wait so you only use westerguns?

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