In your face Melee Amara (End game MH3)

Amara build by 3uphonium updated 11 months ago
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The main objective with this build is to get into the enemy's faces and have your shield get broken for a significant damage increase on your melee damage in combination with the Face-puncher shotgun. The build is revolved around the Face-puncher as the red text: Man your own jackhammer provides damage based on the Amara's melee damage. This build is able to keep Amara alive using the health regeneration from Clarity and Samsara along with the Knife Steal artifact which gives you 75% lifesteal on melee (this applies to the Face-puncher). The Breaker mod provides Amara up to 29% damage reduction, stacking with Helping Hands to grant you the ability to tank mobs with the high damage reduction from your skills.

Phaseslam is the action skill of choice due to the anointed skills that work exceptionally well with this, also noting that the animation also looks amazing. There's not much of a choice when it comes to the action skill augment, either Revelation (works with Samsara to provide more stacks and for some nice AOE damage) or Glamour which is a huge turn off due to the increased cooldown.

All skills are self explanatory for sustain or damage except for a selected few which I will talk about.

Infusion: (I don't understand what it does?) say the action skill element is Incendiary damage and you're using the Face-puncher, assuming that the Face-puncher does 100 damage to the enemy, and that you have 5 points in Infusion (cuz 50%), half the damage dealt to the enemy will be Incendiary and the other half will be kinetic/physical. Of course the numbers will vary depending on the type of health the enemy has (flesh, shield, armor). Thus infusion allows for the flexibility of dealing more damage depending on the enemies health type. I myself like to switch between Incendiary and Corrosive as the damage reduction with kinetic/physical isn't that big of an issue against enemies with shields (but if you happen to want to switch to shock, just simply hover over the action skill element and unequip it.

Why not Anima? Phaseslam actually does very little DOT (damage over time) with its status effect, also if you happened to be using the same damage element as your action skill element, the DOT damage from your action skill will override the status effect from your weapon element.

The only other skill worth investing into are Fast Hands (for utility purposes) and Arms Deal (help I'm dying to rockets). If so then it is recommended to shave off up to 3 points off mindfulness (because shield regeneration doesn't help the build, even though the movement speed is nice) or up to 2 points from either Helping Hands or One with Nature since you get less % damage reduction for every point invested in it.

insert more things to talk about


*Face-puncher (preferably anointed with 200% melee damage increase after Phaseslam)

*Brawler-ward: essential to this build due to the 300% melee increase along with the 25% weapon damage increase. *Do note that you need to be breaking your shield.* *Rough Rider is also another viable option, providing damage reduction and increased max health (for this pathway look for a rough rider that gives 80% melee damage increase).

*Breaker mod: this mod is critical to this build, providing you with points in Personal Space, Find Your Center and Jab Cross for MOARRR damage. Furthermore, you will almost always be in close proximity with enemies to utilize the % damage reduction on the mod. The ideal stats to look out for on this mod are (in no order): % damage reduction, Hyperion damage/fire rate, melee damage, weapon damage, action skill cooldown and shotgun damage.

*Knife steal (preferably with white elephant): provides 75% melee lifesteal, this applies to your Face-puncher, the white elephant suffix is nice to have as melee attacks have a 30% chance to attach a sticky bomb and applies to each of your 7 or 14 shotgun pellets (14 if using redundant face-puncher). *Cutpurse is also an viable option as you will pretty much never run out of ammo, but be warned you will not have the sustain to tank mobs without the lifesteal.

Things to note:

The action skill element conversion of illuminated fist does not convert your Face-puncher into incendiary damage. There's also a bug where Blitz is automatically shock, even when your action skill element is Incendiary or Corrosive damage with Illuminated Fist.

There may be things that I have not covered, as I typed this all out in one go :)


Got to admit I struggle with this build in Slaughter Shaft TVHM M3. It could be i've not got an anointed facepuncher with 200% melee damage increase after Phaseslam which is making it not work. How have you got on with the slaugher shaft?



i approve of all the comments below me


If I played Amara, I would use this build. 10/10.

This build is amazing :)

This build is amazing :)

This build is amazing :)

Thanks for the explanation of your build

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