Unbeatable Elemental Brawler. (TVHM M3)

Amara build by jack.loughnan14 updated 1 month ago
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This build essentially takes the best aspects of Lilith from Borderlands 1 and Krieg from Borderlands 2 and rolls it into one unstoppable fiery rampager that can melt anything she gets her fists on in Mayhem 3. This build is extremely versatile as Amara's gun damage can be equally as viable as her melee damage. You're also allowed plenty of freedom with this build as the guns are completely up to personal preference. (But I will add some of my favourite to use). If you're interested in a melee play style that incorporates elements and gun play, then this is the build for you.

Guns (None are essential to build, can be up to your own preference)

*Face Puncher (Optional): An obvious pick for melee Amara, good for basically every kind of enemy.

*Night Hawkin (Optional): Just a really fun gun that I enjoy using.

*Crossroads (Optional): Great for dishing out a bunch of elemental damage and for healing as well

*Brainstormer (Optional): Amazing for stripping shields and chaining elemental damage to other enemies.

*Butt Plug/Psycho Stabber/Any gun with more than 100% melee damage (Optional): Just adds a bigger ooof to your melee damage.

These are just the guns I like to use, so feel free to add your own flavour to the build. (Elemental guns are ideal).

Gear (Most items here are critical to the build, but those that are have dedicated drops.)

*SHIELD: Brawler Ward (Essential): Best melee shield in the game, preferable to have 300% variant. Drops from Graveward (Eden 6, Floating Tomb).

*RELIC: Unleash The Dragon (Essential): By far the most important piece of gear in the build. Applies a fire damage over time effect to any enemy that is hit with a melee attack. Damage of the DoT is based off of your melee damage. MUST HAVE! Drops from El Dragon Jr (Eden 6, Jakobs Estate). He is a rare spawning enemy, so it make take a few runs to get him to spawn.

*CLASS MOD: Legendary Breaker (Not essentially, but definitely preferred): Provides amazing damage resistance and melee damage. No dedicated drop as for now, so if you cannot get it, any class mod increasing melee damage will be ok.

*GRENADE: Stormfront (Preferred): Great for putting out damage over time, which heals you, and also strips shields.


This build revolves around the Release The Dragon relic for your damage output. Every time you melee an enemy you apply a fire damage over time that is based off of your melee damage. So the more powerful your melee, the more powerful the damage over time effect is. The fact that this DoT is fire, negates the need to use the Soulfire action skill augment. The Shockra augment allows your melee attack to rip through an enemies shield, and then the DoT from the Release The Dragon relic melts their health in the blink of an eye. It is also important to integrate your guns in this build to assist with beefier enemies like the anointed or badasses. Don't purely rely on melee, be sure to have a good mix of both guns and melee. For survivability you will mainly be relying the skills in the skill tree and your action skill. The first skills to highlight are Clarity & Helping Hands. Clarity gives you constant health regen, and doubles it when you activate your action skill. Helping Hands gives you damage reduction when your action skill ends. A good tip is that these skills will activate even if you miss your phase-grasp. So if you are in a situation where you need some extra health regen or damage reduction, simply activate your action skill. Another skill important for survivability is Sustainment. This skills basically gives you health for dealing elemental damage. So just chuck out some Stormfronts, or spread out some elemental damage, and watch your health regenerate. Finally there is Samsara, which gives you health regen for damaging an enemy with your action skill. This works perfectly with the Fist Over Matter action skill, as you are constantly damaging enemies while your action skill is active, and therefore giving you health back.

Best things to remember are to use a mix of melee and some guns, and to spam your action skill as much as you can. Hope everyone likes the build, and please leave any questions or constructive criticism. :) 👊🏾


I'm not sure Fist of Matter generates health back with sustainment as the text in sustainment it says elemental damage with her weapon.

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