4IMB0T FL4K - MH4 Zer0 Cosplay Sniper Build, Solo Raid Viable

Fl4k build by Ratore updated 1 day ago
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Takedown: Pure Sniping on Takedown is possible, but might not be the most pleasant of experiences. Adapt in other weapons and tips from Fade builds and you're set.


  • Setup 1 (the one shown on this page) has higher damage ceiling with Overkill and Crits, but a bit harder time getting cooldowns back and adapting in other weapon types;
  • Setup 2 gets Megavore. This means it can more easily weave other weapon types in and get cooldowns back faster. It can also make your life easier when facing hard to hit/find crit spots;
  • Pet choice: Preference. Which means Mr. Chew. It's a privilege few have. Countess HP Regen/DR is useful, as is Jabber's MS/Crit;
  • Augments: Unblinking Eye is recommended for bossing. Mobbing can be done with any.


  • You'll need the Overkill Guardian Rank Perk to better execute the gameplay loop of this build. Hollow Point is also great to have;
  • This is a "Splash Build" in a sense. Splash/AoE Damage Stat Rolls are great here, since they'll boost your main damage sources for both mobbing and bossing;
  • The points in Hunter's Eye or Ambush Predator can be changed into 2/3 LNT + 3/3 Headcount;
  • Eager To Impress/Self-Repairing/BFFs can be replaced by Furious Attack. FA is best paired with a Hunter-Seeker grenade and/or if your class mod boosts Big Game.


  • Two F4ng is recommended for bossing and tankier mobs (like raid). If you're gonna use Two F4ng, work with your class mod to get it to at least 7/5;
  • When Overkill is stacked, Two F4ng can lose some value by wasting part of your Overkill on the second pellet in scenarios where the single first pellet killed the enemy.
  • Ambush Predator has a very lenient trigger distance, and lets you achieve a potentially higher maximum damage ceiling without wasting anything. Hunter's Eye provides you very good (yet currently wrong displayed values) bonuses for the Raid/Jackpot. If you're not hitting consistent one-shots in most scenarios, use Two F4ng;
  • Check the "Overkill Explained" thread on GBX Forums for more info.


  • Play carefully to hit crit shots consistently and ramp up your Overkill. Use Fade's long duration to your benefit;
  • Playing around Amp shields can be very rewarding if you can manage it. For fights like Wotan you're better off going for survivability;
  • All good Overkill stackers can be played around here. This means you can use this as an Ion Cannon "build" too, and any similars;
  • You can pick what weapon you'll trigger anoints for on the last Fade shot. Splash/Elemental anointments get full effect on the third Fade shot. 100% ASE does not, only from the fourth shot onwards;
  • You can hit crits with weapons like the Stagecoach to get a quick Fade cooldown. For Setup 2, Megavore + Stagecoach/Brainstormer etc. guarantees super quick cooldowns;
  • Always aim for crits, but also know Fade Away bodyshots can proc Megavore.



  • Headsplosion: Great AoE clear and Ovk stacking. Other Sniper choices are Muckamuck, Proton Rifle, Lyuda, Tanksman's Shield, Monocle;
  • Ion Cannon, Torgue Hedgehog/Quickie Rocket Launchers: Ovk Stacking, Bossing, Enemy deleting, FFYL;
  • Stagecoach/Brainstormer/Maggie/Lumps: Cooldown fishing, Area Damage, Backup weapons;
  • Weapons and strategies from other Fade builds can be adapted into this (like the Gunboy build).

Weapon Anointments

  • 125% Splash for weapons that are Splash. 100% ASE/50% Elemental/Kill Skill can work in general.


  • 0.m/Re-router, Rico, Transformer, Stop-Gap, Re-Charger, All-in.
  • Anointments: 50% Elemental Damage on ASE, 20% Cooldown.


  • Mitosis/Cloning Hunter Seeker, Recurring/Mirvtacular Hex, It's Piss;
  • Anointment: 50% Elemental Damage on ASE, 25% On Grenade Throw.

Class Mod

  • Bounty Hunter, +3 Dangerous Game +2 Hunter's Eye/Frenzy: Great due to its bonuses, bossing bonuses + kill skill triggering;
  • DE4DEYE, +3 Furryous +2 Two F4ng: Good all around, is overall less consistent than Bounty Hunter;
  • Thrillbot, +3 Dangerous Game +2 Big Game: Very good, but held back by being a purple, meaning it can only have 2 stat rolls.

St4ckbot can work from decent to good in mobbing, and has big potential for bossing if you stack the effect with the first two Fade shots then switch to a high powered weapon for the last shot. Do a search to be aware of this com's shortcomings/problems/bugs/tips (except that one misinformed reddit thread);


  • Prefix: Snowdrift, Last Stand;
  • Suffix: Otto Idol/Victory Rush.

Good Stat Rolls for COM + Artifact: Weapon Type Damage, Splash (AoE) Damage, Manufacturer Crit, Weapon Damage/Crit, Cooldown, Mag Size, HP Regen, Shield Delay/Rate, Damage Reduction.


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