Torgue can't bitch about this - M3/M4 Slaughter

Moze build by lunarnexus updated 5 months ago
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This is the best high damage demolition Moze out there for mobbing. In a nutshell we double down on Fire, use all explosive weapons and survive on Vampyr and Iron Bear. It's almost not fair to the bandits. The great part about this build is that it isn't Class Mod or Artifact dependent, just use something with good rolls. What takes this from a M3 to a M4 build, is a couple of choice anointments, or a decent class mod /artifact roll.


Mainly Fire and explosive weapons.

My loadout 85% of the time:

Burning Flakker - This is your bread and butter. Fire damage is up 55% ave, and the explosions trigger Means of Destruction and Redistribution almost every shot, so your ammo and grenades are pretty much endless. I was lucky enough to get a "+%125 against Baddass", so 10 seconds out of every 30-60 are double damage.

Engulfing Resolute Ogre - This is more for taking out enemies at a distance and on rare occasion, charging up grenades. There are times when you want a weapon with explosive damage with normal bullets and this fits the bill. I got lucky with a "Autobear is active, +75% Fire damage" anointment.

Handsome Jackhammer (Fire) - This is good for those really long shots, but I mostly throw this one. With a full stack of Drowning in Brass, the first thrown hit does about 250K damage, and a total of 750K with the bounces. I also keep a Shock version of this, but it's only useful in special cases.

Shredded Nukem - This clears a room. My listed damage is 14K, and it's really easy on ammo. Usually this is the first shot I take towards a group of enemies to clear out the chumps. This usually triggers a stack or few of Drowning in Brass for that sweet sweet +60% gun damage. NOTE: When doubled with Torgue Cross-Promotion, the blast radius for this gun actually exceeds the distance you can run away from it, and if your shields are down, you will go down. This isn't a problem if it's a kill shot, but in M4, that's not always the case.

Alternate Weapons: I also keep some others in my inventory for special cases.

Annexed Vareet ION CANNON - Did you really think a demo Moze build would get by without one of these?

Oozing Scourge - This is a great weapon for the homing missiles, and for Armored enemies. I swap this in for the Nukem in Slaughterstar 3000 sometimes.

Potent Creamer - Large splash radius, 5K damage, heals you on impact.

Protuberance - This is a highly underrated shotgun. Tons of splash damage (usually) and radius, great for Corrosive or Shock damage to kill specific enemies. Damage rolls on this gun vary WILDLY. I have a couple with 3-4K damage, but a lot only have 500 or so. I have one that had 9K per shot before the first patch, but now it's only 3.5K. Every once in a while I load into the game before the patches load up and I get to see the beast I once had. Thanks for the nurf Gearbox.


A note on grenades with this build. You will want to be throwing grenades constantly. At least every 5-10 seconds or so, but I usually throw one at each enemy, then one every 3 - 5 seconds until they're dead. If you're sitting on 7+ grenades, you need to mash that button a little more.

Pro Tip: Most people don't realize that you can throw a grenade and fire an automatic weapon at the same time. If you have paddles on your Xbox controller, set one paddle to be the right bumper, so you can hold down the trigger and pump that grenade button without ever letting up on the trigger. With the Ogre's high magazine size, and ammo regen hitting constantly, you can spray a constant stream of explosive bullets while spamming grenades. It's devastating.

Rain Firestorm - This grenade is just ridiculous with this build. You never run out of grenades, so you just make entire areas of the map rain fire. It melts even the toughest enemies in seconds, and on Slaughter Shaft and Cistern, they never even get a chance to really spawn before they're dead.

MIRV-Tacular Hex - Spawns 6 homing MIRV grenades, does Shock damage. The homing is really nice when you are blowing up so much of the area that you can't actually see the enemies. One of these melts all but the toughest shields … so just use two, you have plenty more. On Slaughterstar 3000, one or two of these will take out flying troopers easily.

Cloning Ghast Call - This is great for armored enemies, like at the end of Slaughterstar 3000.

Porcelain Pipe Bomb - An old favorite, still crazy powerful. Radiation is decent against most enemies.

Class Mod

This really doesn't matter that much actually. Good rolls are more important than the actual mod. I use a Mind Sweeper with +Weapon Damage, +Clip Size and +Area-Of-Effect Damage. I'd probably rather have a good Rocketeer (AutoBear time extended) or a Green Monster (+Corrosive Damage). The Blast Master doesn't do much if you're reloading constantly with the Flakker and Nukem, but you can make it work if you just stay with the Ogre. It takes 60 seconds to get the Blast Master fully "charged".


Once again, this doesn't matter that much, just find some good rolls. I'm using an Atom Balm Commander Planetoid with some decent rolls for +Incendiary and +Grenade Radius.


Almost anything will do actually, but here are some recommendations:

Transformer - This is just a great shield, and with a Shock Protuberance, you can run head first into a crowd blasting bandits and charging your shield at the same time.

Bully Revengenader - This is a fun shield that throws a free grenade when it breaks. The low capacity is offset by the fact that it throws a grenade that will heal you automatically when it breaks. As if you weren't spamming enough grenades already …

Resonant Back Ham - Great Shield.

Rico - Great Shield.

Action Skills

I really only use Iron Bear to hop in, charge my shield, blast a little, then hop out so AutoBear can do its thing. The Vanquisher Rocket Pod has the highest DPS at anything other than close range. When I need something to use against flying enemies, like in the Cistern of Slaughter, I turn on Active Tracking.


When a Slaughter wave starts, fire off a couple of grenades followed by a Nukem or two, to get Drowning in Brass stacked up. Spray with your Ogre while spamming grenades, or pop off a few Flakker rounds while spamming grenades (see a pattern here with the grenades?). The Nukem and Jackhammer are great for getting a quick kill and keeping that Drowning in Brass stacked up. If you run into trouble and need a quick shield charge, hop into Iron Bear and let the Full Can of Whoop-Ass charge you (and your friends) up, or try the Shock Protuberance / Transformer combo. You have To The Last, so you can spam grenades while in FFYL.

Don't blow yourself up … lol, you're gonna anyway.

Skill Tweaks

You don't really need Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades or Explosive Punctuation, they're just there to fill up the tree. Scrappy is just there because I wanted a little more responsiveness out of my weapon swaps. Selfless Vengeance sounds great, but in this build you surprisingly don't reload often enough, even with the Flakker, and the points spent to get that skill good are better spent elsewhere.


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